Feminized Seeds vs Regular: Ultimate Guide for Growers

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Posted on 6-7-2024

When we describe something as regular, it may seem less impressive compared to terms like feminized or autoflowering. But this perception doesn’t hold for cannabis seeds.

The cannabis industry has evolved, and now, in addition to nature’s original cannabis seeds —regular seeds—there are other options available, leading to a comparison: feminized seeds vs regular.

Is one type better than the other?


Both types have qualities that make them great options. It all comes down to your preferences and goals.

To help you determine whether feminized or regular seeds are right for your cultivation, we’ve outlined everything you need to know to make the best decision.

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Up until the 1990s, the only type of cannabis seeds available were regular seeds, which can develop into either male or female plants. 

Male cannabis plants produce pollen.

Female plants produce flowers, known as buds, which contain sought-after cannabinoids like THC and CBD that affect the human body.

This distinct ability of females motivated cannabis breeders to develop feminized seeds. These are the result of manipulating cannabis to produce seeds that only grow into female plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Everything About Them

Feminized seeds come from female marijuana plants treated with chemicals like gibberellic acid or colloidal silver. These treatments stimulate the production of pollen in the female plants. This pollen is then used to fertilize other female plants, ensuring that the resulting seeds carry female genes with nearly 100% certainty.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

The main benefit of choosing feminized cannabis seeds is that you won’t need to identify and remove male plants to prevent pollination. (It can negatively affect yields because plants divert energy from producing buds to making seeds.) This simplifies your cultivation, especially if your goal is to maximize bud production.

There are more advantages:

Larger yields

With minimized risk of cross-pollination, you can be confident that all your plants will produce buds, enlarging your yield. 

Resource efficiency

Since you exclusively cultivate female plants, you maximize growing space and optimize the use of substrates, fertilizers, and other resources for bud production.

Consistent potency

Quality feminized seeds develop into marijuana plants that yield uniform, cannabinoid-rich flowers.

Challenges of Feminized Seeds

Although impressive, feminized seeds have a few potential challenges:

No breeding

You can’t use feminized seeds to breed new strains because they only produce female plants.

Potential vulnerability

Because feminized seeds produce plants with uniform genetic profiles, there is potential for reduced genetic diversity among crops, which could affect their adaptability and robustness.

Hermaphroditism risk

Feminized seeds have an increased risk of developing hermaphrodite traits. Choose high-quality feminized seeds to minimize this risk.

5 Best Feminized Seeds from DNA Genetics

Here are DNA Genetics’ most popular feminized strains:

  1. Chocolope Fem
  2. Kosher Kush Fem
  3. Blue Dream Feminized
  4. GG4
  5. Green Crack Feminized

Regular Cannabis Seeds: Everything About Them

Regular seeds have a 50:50 chance of developing into male or female plants. They are “born” from pollination, where pollen from male cannabis plants fertilizes female plants’ flowers.

Benefits of Regular Seeds

Here are the key advantages of growing regular cannabis seeds.

Breeding possibilities

With both female and male plants, you can play with genetics, breed different varieties, and create new cannabis strains.

Natural resilience

Since regular seeds result from natural pollination between female and male plants without chemical intervention, they have more natural growth and resilient genetics.

Robust clones

Regular seeds contain both sets of chromosomes, ensuring a balanced genetic makeup for healthier and more robust cuttings.

Challenges of Regular Seeds

And these are potential challenges to watch out for:

Sex uncertainty

There’s a 50% chance of getting male plants. Identifying and removing them can be challenging and time-consuming.


Growing male and female plants requires extra space and resources, complicating cultivation.

Pollination risk

If you don’t remove male plants promptly, they can pollinate female plants and reduce yield and bud potency.

5 Best Regular Seeds from DNA Genetics

Regular cannabis seeds that DNA Genetics growers and enthusiasts love the most:

  1. Tangie Reg


  1. Skywalker Kush Reg
  2. Kosher Kush Reg
  3. Tangielope Kush Reg
  4. Chocolope Kush Reg

Feminized Seeds vs Regular: Key Differences

Detailed overview of feminized seeds vs regular:

AspectFeminized seeds       Regular seeds
DevelopmentManipulated to produce only female plantsNatural fertilization, results in 50:50 male and female plants
Pollination control    No need to identify or remove malesRequire identifying and removing males (if maximizing buds is the goal)
Resource efficiency  Efficient use of space and resourcesRequire more space and resources
YieldTypically larger yieldsPotential for smaller yields if pollination occurs
Breeding      Not suitableSuitable
CloningCan be cloned, potential for lower quality of cuttingsCan be cloned, high quality of cuttings

How to Grow Feminized Seeds?

If you choose to grow feminized strains, the following expert tips can help you get the most from your seeds and plants:

  • Ensure adequate lighting (your plants need at least six hours of light exposure), humidity (typically 60–70% during the growing phase and 40–60% during flowering), and ventilation.
  • Regularly inspect plants for hermaphroditism and remove affected plants. Look for pollen sacs, which are small, round formations on the plant that resemble tiny bunches of bananas.
  • Use nutrients tailored to your cannabis strain’s needs. Consult the instructions on the package or with your cannabis breeders to ensure optimal care.
  • Monitor for signs of diseases and pests.

How to Grow Regular Seeds?

Growing regular weed seeds is exciting, and here are top tips to ensure success:

  • If your goal is to maximize bud production, it’s essential to identify and separate male plants early to prevent unintended pollination.
  • If you’re breeding, introduce male pollen to female flowers during their peak fertility. This typically occurs within the initial weeks of flowering, when flowers’ pistils are white.
  • Plan your garden carefully to optimize growing space and ensure that plants intended for pollination are separated from those that are not.

Feminized or Regular Seeds: Which Are For You?

Feminized cannabis seeds are for you if your focus is on maximizing bud production and simplifying cultivation. Regular seeds are a better option when you’re interested in breeding and experimenting with genetics.

Whatever option you choose, always prioritize quality. Choose reputable breeders and high-quality seeds to ensure healthy plants and potent buds.

Check out DNA Genetics’ award-winning cannabis seeds collection:


  • Can I see the difference between feminized and regular cannabis seeds?

No. There isn’t a visible difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

  • Are regular seeds more potent than feminized ones?

When sourced from reputable suppliers, both feminized and regular seeds produce potent plants with cannabinoid-rich buds.

  • Can feminized seeds grow into male plants?

Feminized seeds nearly always develop into female plants, but there’s a minimal chance of a seed producing a male plant.

  • Do feminized seeds yield more?

Yes, feminized seeds typically yield more.


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  • pic Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • pic Pineapple Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • pic Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • pic White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • pic Bubba's Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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