Crockett's Banana Pie wins Kushstock BHO category

Apr 3, 2018

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KushStock Festival was a FREE music & Cannabis festival brought to the people by Dr. K. FREE and was held over this past easter weekend.

We are happy to announce that Crockett Family Farms in association with DNA Genetics and Jah Famiglia won 1st place best BHO with Banana Pie.

Huge thanks to all those who paticipated and managed to come visit the Crockett Family Farms booth and scoop up some award winning genetics including the new Heritigae Collection, which is ony availble in the American public.

We hope to see you at the next KushStock festival #pufftuff

Winners to Kushstock 2018

Best Indica

1st Place Ed's OG by @mredsorganics

2nd Place Mendonesia OG by @mendonesiafarms

3rd Place Whiteglove OG by @whitegloveorganics

Best Sativa

1st Place Sin Mint Cookies by @pearl_pharma

2nd Place Orange Drank by @banannrman / @a1collective

3rd Place Do Si Do by @notsomebscompany

Best Hybrid

1st Place Patron OG by @greeneyesfarms

2nd Place Orange Sherbet by @quail_extracts / @thereal_iog

3rd Place Strawberry Banana by @Golden_state_banana

Best Vape Carts

1st Place Jillybean by @kingpen

2nd Place Lemon Cake by @propen_rx / @flavorsbyezone @dadave710 @greenthumbfarmz

3rd Place Bertberry Cheescake by @losangeleskush_ca

Best Edible

1st Place Papi Churro by @babkinkatreats

2nd Place Lemon Blueberry Almonds by @pharmers.daughter.edibles

3rd Place Freeze dried icecream sandwich by @g14extracts

Best BHO

1st Place Banana Pie by @crockett420 @jahfamiglia @dna_genetics

2nd Place NL Haze by @goldnuggetextracts

3rd Place Zookies by @terp.n.time

Best Solventless

1st Place Straw-Nana by @hightiderosin

2nd Place Super Banana OG by @banannrman / @radicalmelts

3rd Place Honey Bear Hash by @greeneyesfarms

information on the event

When: March 31, 2018 (12pm-10pm)

Where: National Orange Show Event Center, 689 South E Street, W. Mill St & S. Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Price: FREE General Admission / $200 VIP

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