What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Until recently, all cannabis seeds had a 50% chance of developing into male plants. New technology has allowed breeders to ensure a 99.9% chance of bud-bearing female crops.

Feminized seeds are a popular choice for breeders who want to add to their stash instead of experimenting with new strains. Cultivating female weed plants saves you time and minimizes the effort needed to spot and eliminate males.

Our feminized weed seeds boast a 99.9% chance of giving you an all-female army of resinous, potent buds.

It’s important to note that feminized seed strains are typically photoperiod. It means they rely on a specific light cycle to trigger the flowering stage.

The science behind feminized seeds

Breeders often encounter desirable traits in their plants and amplify them to increase the ease of growth. They deliberately pollinate the females to reproduce bud-bearing qualities.

When the mother plant is dying, it produces fewer male seeds and massive amounts of female seeds. It doesn’t have to produce as many males because they have a wide reach when pollinating.

Cultivators make the plant think its life is coming to an end to speed up the process. They use chemical solutions like gibberellic acid or colloidal silver to achieve this.

The process allows the male hormones to dominate, producing male flowers. Breeders use the resulting pollen sacs to pollinate other crops, creating feminized pot seeds.

What are the pros and cons of feminized seeds?

Feminised cannabis seeds come with a variety of benefits, but they can also have some drawbacks. See our pros and cons list below.

Pros of Feminized Marijuana Seeds:

  • Produce only female plants.
  • Ideal for both beginner and experienced growers.
  • Cost-effective and lead to larger harvests.
  • Offer more consistency in growth.
  • High yield potential, even in limited space.
  • Reduce risk of accidental pollination from male plants.

Cons of Feminized Marijuana Seeds:

  • More vulnerable to stress during cultivation.
  • May lead to hermaphrodite plants, potentially reducing yields.
  • Not suitable for breeders looking to create new strains.

Differences between indica and sativa feminized cannabis seeds

The buds harvested from indica plants usually offer a sleepy, relaxing high, along with pain relief properties. Sativa plants provide a creative and energizing high and may ease depression, nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite.

Feminised vs. autoflower vs. regular seeds: What’s the difference?

There are three types of cannabis seeds.

  • Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. They’re ideal for creating new strains, but costly and inefficient when growing for buds.
  • Autoflower seeds bloom regardless of the light cycle. They offer faster harvests, are easy to raise, and produce compact plants. The downside is autoflowering cultivars offer smaller yields.
  • Feminized seeds guarantee 99.9% female plants. They prevent growers from wasting resources on unwanted males. They offer a more efficient and cost-effective growing operation.

What’s the best way to store feminized cannabis seeds?

There are four factors to consider when storing cannabis seeds: light, temperature, oxygen, and humidity.

The ideal place to store your seeds is somewhere dark, cool, and dry. Try to keep them in their original packaging. For long-term storage, put them in an airtight container with a desiccant like silica gel.

Best practices for growing feminized seeds

When searching for feminized cannabis seeds, quality is key. Our feminized category page showcases some of the best examples of healthy seeds that offer ease of growth.

Here’s what you need to know about indoor growing.

  • Feminized seeds grow in the vegetative stage with over 18 hours of light each day,
  • Reduce the daily light to 12 hours to produce buds. It takes 8–10 weeks, depending on the strain.
  • Start with low nutrient concentrations. Increase feed gradually to ensure you don’t overfeed or drown your babies.
  • Keep the soil aerated and moist.

Below are the top tips for outdoor cultivation.

  • Avoid excess heat by keeping plants moist while avoiding over-watering.
  • Prevent infestations from the start using natural pesticides like neem oil.
  • Ensure you give the plants enough space to grow.
  • Manage your pH and electrical conductivity (EC) levels.
  • Avoid using tap water or too many nutrients. Your plants will develop salts and the roots will die.
  • When growing in pots, keep them raised off the ground. It improves airflow and prevents heat from reaching the roots.
  • Prepare a backup shelter or tarp in case of a sudden storm or heavy winds.

How to germinate feminized marijuana seeds

Germination is the first step for both indoor and outdoor growing. The paper towel method offers the best results when preparing your seeds.

Put your seeds inside a folded sheet of wet kitchen paper. Place the moist paper towel between two plates to prevent it from drying out.

Germination takes 1–4 days from seed to seedling. Rare cases may take up to 7 days. Check on your seeds every 24 hours to see if the roots have broken through.

Keep the seeds completely moist and warm. Start at 23–29°C (75–85°F) and shift to 18–26°C (65–80°F) when they push through the soil.

Monitoring and care

Taking care of your seedlings involves two key elements: light and nutrients.

Your feminized cannabis seeds need 18–24 hours of light per day once they sprout.

Here are several nutrients your feminized marijuana seeds need to grow.

  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium

Optimal growing conditions for feminized seeds

It’s essential to find the ideal growing medium for cannabis to ensure the juiciest yields.

Cannabis plants thrive in sunny and humid conditions. Plenty of light helps them develop thick, resilient stems.

Protect plants from harsh weather conditions to ensure a high resin count.


The light conditions cannabis plants need depends on the phase. The vegetative stage and environment are also crucial factors.

There are various light schedules for each stage to provide the necessary hours of light.

  • Seedling: 16/8, 18/6, 20/4 or 24/0
  • Vegetative: 18/6 or 20/4
  • Flowering: 12/12


Cannabis seedlings and plants require warm temperatures to thrive. Once they sprout, indoor plants need a daytime temperature of 22–25°C (70–75°F). Nighttime temps should be cooler at around 18°C (65°F).


Seedlings need high humidity to ensure they don’t grow thirsty and tired. The optimal relative humidity (RH) is 65–70%.

During veg, the ideal range is 40–70%. Flowering requires humidity levels of 40–50%. Late flowering calls for 30–40%.


Airflow is key to growing strong, healthy, and mould-free plants, especially for indoor growers. A fan set to the lowest setting offers the ideal breeze for a growing plant.


The roots of seedlings spread as they search for nutrients and hydration from the soil. Water away from the middle of the base to encourage optimal growth. Allow the top inch of soil to dry completely before watering again.


Cannabis plants love a moist, aerated, and mildly acidic soil to grow in. Seedlings prefer a soil pH of 6.5–7.0 when outdoors, and a pH of 5.5 indoors.

Loam is the best soil for growing feminized cannabis seeds. It offers excellent drainage and water retention.

There are many supplements you should keep in mind when growing feminized seeds. A mixture of perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, and compost are ideal.


Generally, feminized plants take about 10–12 weeks from seed to harvest. Understanding when to harvest cannabis is key. It helps ensure the most potent, flavourful, and high-quality buds possible.

Flush your plants at least two weeks prior to harvest. It removes leftover nutrients and improves the smoothness and flavor of the buds.

Here’s how to tell when your plants are ready for harvest.

  • Trichome color: Your buds reach peak potency once the small resin glands turn milky.
  • Pistil color: The little white hairs on the buds turn into a brown or red color. Once most of them darken and curl, harvest time is near.
  • Size and density: Buds become large and thick when they’re ready for harvest.
  • Aroma: Its scent becomes more pronounced and discernible.
  • Appearance: The leaves turn yellow and the stems wilt.
  • Genetics and strain: Research your chosen strain to understand the estimated harvest times.

Selecting the best feminized seeds from DNA Genetics

Looking for the best feminized seeds? Check out our top recommendations below based on strain characteristics, grower experience level, and desired effects.


Fuel an uplifting and creative buzz with this sativa-dominant strain. Replicate sipping on a cafe mocha with its sweet and earthy chocolate flavor.

Chocolope Fem offers high THC levels ranging from 18–23%. CBD levels are at a low 0.5–1%.

It grows best at 21–29°C (70–85°F) with moderate humidity levels. After 8–9 weeks, you could harvest 18–21 oz./m² indoors and 32 oz./plant outdoors.

Kosher Kush

Stop the loud traffic in your anxious mind with this soothing strain. Kosher Kush Fem tastes like smoking a fruit salad with mouthwatering pine and lemon flavors.

This indica-dominant hybrid boasts soaring 22% THC levels. Maintain an 18/6 or 20/4 light cycle in the vegetative stage before the flowering period at 12/12. Keep the temperature at 21–26°C (70–80°F).

Expect a yield size of 16–19 oz./m² indoors or 19 oz./plant outdoors after 9–10 weeks.

Strawberry Banana

Puff on this predominantly indica strain for a happy, energetic high, thanks to its 21% THC levels. Strawberry Banana feminized seeds taste like smoking a fruity smoothie.

This indica strain is ideal for growers of any level. It requires an 18/6 light schedule, prefers 40–50% RH, and prefers temperatures of 21–26°C (70–80°F).

Expect a harvest of 15–19 oz./m² after around 9 weeks.

Skywalker Kush

Sit back, relax, and dream away with this 50/50 hybrid strain. It has sweet and spicy flavors, like biting into a blueberry salsa.

Skywalker Kush Fem sends you to space with its high 23% THC levels. It thrives on an 18/6 light cycle and prefers a 6.0 pH in soil and 5.5 in hydro.

Aim for moderate temperatures of 20–26°C (68–80°F). Expect to harvest 17–21 oz./m² after 8–10 weeks.


Are feminized seeds worth it?

Feminised cannabis seeds are worth growing as they produce only female plants, resulting in higher yields.

Can I find cheap feminized seeds for sale at DNA Genetics?

Yes. At DNA Genetics, we have feminized seeds for sale starting at an affordable price of $80.00 for five seeds.

Is it possible to grow different feminized strains in the same grow room?

Yes. It’s possible to cultivate different fem strains in the same areas as long as they share similar growing needs, and you keep track of each strain.

What distinguishes autoflower seeds from feminized seeds in terms of growth patterns, ease of cultivation, and yields?

Feminised cannabis seeds produce higher yields and grow according to their photoperiods. Autoflowering seeds provide smaller yields and are easier to cultivate. They’re ready to harvest within a set timeframe, regardless of light cycles.

How are feminized seeds created?

To create feminized cannabis seeds, cultivators use chemicals like colloidal silver to trick female plants into thinking they’re dying so they produce viable pollen. This pollen is then used to pollinate other female plants.

Is there a risk of encountering male plants when growing from feminized seeds?

No. Feminized seeds have a 99.9% chance of growing into only female plants.