Tangielope Kush Reg


Genetics:24K x Chocolope Kush


Flowering Time:8–9 weeks

Yield: 13–17 oz./m²

Type: Regular

24K x Chocolope Kush seeds are the path to a sweet, spicy, and creamy toke. Treat yourself to a spiced hot chocolate in blunt form.

This rare cannabis Tangielope Kush is a heavy-yielder, providing a vibrant golden harvest. The THC levels may be sky high. Find yourself floating among the clouds after a few puffs. It holds a reputation in the medicinal community for its deeply soothing effects

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Product Details

24K x Chocolope Kush is an easy-growing Tangielope Kush, but it requires some TLC in the form of training. These cannabis seeds are a treasure many growers seek. Shop our selection of these seeds in convenient packs of different sizes.

Origins of 24K x Chocolope Kush

Beginners can easily grow 24K x Chocolope Kush seeds. This Tangielope Kush has a robust and resilient nature. Breeders put two famous cultivars together, creating this powerful and delicious offspring. 

24K, or 24K Gold, is a potent hybrid with a deeply relaxing effect. It gets its name from the golden-copper pistils adorning the buds. This Tangielope Kush has garnered a noteworthy reputation in the medicinal marijuana community. 

Users report 24K Gold might relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It’s a high-THC cultivar with balanced effects.

The other parent cultivar is our award-winning Chocolope Kush Tangielope Kush. It comes from one of the strongest Kush varieties globally, Kosher Kush. This cultivar boasts stunning dark nugs glistening with white trichomes. 

Chocolope Kush gets its name from its dark buds and decadent chocolate and vanilla aroma. The effects may be powerful and mainly cerebral. It’s stimulating and ideal for creative pursuits.

Relish the luxurious sweet smoke

Cannabis connoisseurs have a field day with this delectable Tangielope Kush. It delivers a complex aromatic profile, layered in the iconic Kush smoke. 

The aroma floods your room when growing 24K x Chocolope Kush seeds indoors. The plants release a dank, spicy scent during flowering. Hints of citrus and sweet fruit linger behind. 

A gust of fruity, spicy smoke fills the air when you light up the buds. Notes of clove and rosemary complement the citrus scents of tangerine and oranges. Hints of gas also penetrate your olfactory senses.

The flavor creates a unique smoking experience. It’s spicy, earthy, chocolate-like, and luxuriously creamy. The sweetness grows while you puff, and hints of citrus and fruits get stronger. 

The dominant terpene, myrcene, encapsulates the smoke with a deep, herbal afterkick. The experience is earthy on exhale, with notes of warm spices and vintage cellar. 

The spicy clove finish leaves your mouth numb with a mild herbaceous hit. 24K x Chocolope Kush produces a delicious smoke that entices beginners and veterans. 

The Gold standard of highs

This potent Tangielope Kush provides an unforgettable experience. 24K x Chocolope Kush is a descendant of one of the world’s strongest Kush varieties. It’s the ultimate pick for veterans. 

The uplifting effects of this Tangielope Kush are almost instant. Your mental state improves from the first few puffs. Negative thoughts fly away, and a cerebral buzz stimulates focus. 

The sativa genes take the wheel and enhance creative thinking. It’s the perfect toke for artistic ventures or philosophical exploration. 24K x Chocolope Kush is an excellent social Tangielope Kush. It fosters chattiness and may improve your mood and confidence. 

As the effects build, the indica waves wash in. A stimulating cerebral buzz transitions into a full-body stone. A case of the giggles ushers you into couch-lock. 

The sensations peak about one to two hours after consumption. Relaxing waves flood your body, your muscles feel light, and a deep slumber awaits.

The body buzz feels like a heavy physical stone. The deep relaxing effects kick in hard. Puff slowly and take it easy to avoid feeling drowsy too soon. 

The soothing sensations may be beneficial for people with sleep disorders like insomnia. It could also relieve chronic stress and anxiety. The uplifting, euphoric effect may improve symptoms of depression. It could also help people with ADHD who have trouble focusing. 

Grow the weed-lovers potpourri: 24K x Chocolope Kush

24K x Chocolope Kush seeds are easy to grow, but they require a little extra TLC. The cannabis crops have a mix of sativa and indica genotypes.

The plants aren’t as bushy as typical indicas. Overstretching is a common sativa trait that may show up with this Tangielope Kush. 

These cannabis seeds thrive in most grow mediums, including soil-based and hydroponic setups. The two most important factors when growing 24K x Chocolope Kush are humidity control and preventing overstretching.

Check the relative humidity (RH) levels regularly with a hydrometer. Levels of 40–50% are safe. 24K x Chocolope Kush seeds grow into big plants with a generous layer of resinous foliage. 

Keeping the cultivation area well-ventilated and improving circulation prevents mold and mildew. Trim off excess branches and fan leaves. This method aids light penetration and promotes better airflow. Maintain a clean grow area and use a dehumidifier if necessary. 

Apply low-stress training (LST) techniques to prevent overstretching. Plants stretch rapidly if they don’t have sufficient light. 

LST manipulates the greenery to grow horizontally. It promotes equal light distribution and prevents branches from overstretching to find light. Indoor growers benefit from plant training, as it maximizes growing space. 

The 24K x Chocolope Kush flowering phase is 8–9 weeks. The yield is approximately 13–19 oz./m². Apply LST techniques and give your plants sufficient light to get monster harvests.

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