Challah Cake


Genetics:DNA Cake x Challah Bread


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 16–20 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

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Product Details

Challah Cake seeds deliver the ultimate comfort toke: sweet, earthy, and oh-so creamy. This rare strain packs a powerful indica punch that melts your stress like butter on hot bread. Thanks to its impeccable lineage, Challah Cake is a hardy plant that’s easy to care for. 

The rich resin coating makes Challah Cake a pure dough-light for both medicinal and recreational users. Are you ready for a taste of these sweet trich’d-out buds? Shop our range of cannabis seeds that come in convenient pack sizes. 

How Challah Cake was baked

Challah Cake seeds are the result of crossing two celebrated strains: DNA Cake and Challah Bread. The parents lend many of their easy-going, heavy-yielding qualities, creating a unique, chilled-out plant.

DNA Cake is a sweet, creamy strain with a lavish terpene content. It’s popular among medicinal users for its ultra-resinous buds that users claim relieve pain and insomnia like nothing else. It offers its sugary flavor, luxurious smoke, and potent resin genes to Challah Cake.

Challah Bread is a calming indica strain with the cushy aroma of freshly baked bread. It’s resistant to pests and produces a generous yield. Challah Cake has soothing effects and easy-growing properties, similar to this parent.


Have your cake and smoke it too

Challah Cake is every cannabis connoisseur’s dream toke. The aromatic profile is complex and irresistibly delicious.

Cultivate Challah Cake seeds and transform your grow room into a bakery. The resin-drenched plants release the smell of sweet baked goods with hints of gas and kush. Fight the temptation to harvest too early because these buds only get more delicious as they reach their peak.

Grind up the vibrant green nugs, and the pungent gas aroma assaults your olfactory senses, advising you on the looming potent buzz. Top off your joint with some of the juicy kief at the bottom of the grinder for an extra kick.

The inhale is sweet, earthy, and comforting. It tastes like you’re smoking a freshly baked loaf cake.

The exhale is like a warm hug from a challah cake. Rich, creamy smoke envelopes your tastebuds, and the sweetness sticks to your palate. Lashings of diesel shock your senses as you smoke, adding an exciting twist.

The dominant terpene, myrcene, adds an herbal, earthy embrace. It gives Challah Cake its comforting flavors.


Relax with the comforting embrace of Challah Cake

Let your hair down, kick your feet up, and enjoy the creamy, dreamy smoke of Challah Cake. It’s the ultimate strain to unwind and become one with the couch.

Challah Cake seeds are the progeny of two potent indicas, so don’t be surprised when this strain relaxes your socks off. It’s a creeper, so beginners should puff slowly.

The initial buzz gently creeps into your mind and removes negative vibes. You’re giddy with glee as creativity floods your cerebral canvas.

The tender indica buzz grows and travels down your spine, softly massaging away any tension. It leaves you feeling light as a feather until you try to stand up and your feet turn to cement.

The effects peak around two hours after puffing. Challah Cake puts your head on soft indica clouds, tucks you in, and superglues you to the couch. Your head feels heavy with deeply soothing vibrations, which is also when the munchies kick in.

Prepare some food in advance, or you’ll be glued to the couch when the snack attack ensues. The giggle fits typically also pay you a visit.

Put on your favorite comedy series and laugh until your chuckle muscles go on strike. Before you know it, the bed calls you like a siren, seducing you with soft pillows and a deep sleep.

Challah Cake seeds are especially popular among medicinal users. This indica-dominant strain has deeply relaxing effects, which could be beneficial for several conditions.

Users with insomnia may benefit from the deep, relaxing effect and sedative nature of the buzz. It could also be helpful if you’ve had an extra stressful day and are struggling to get some shut-eye.

People with anxiety enjoy Challah Cake’s soothing cerebral waves and its ability to release physical tension. The strain also has uplifting effects that may help the symptoms of depression.

Most medicinal users prefer powerful indicas like Challah Cake for pain relief. The generous THC levels may change pain perception and bring relief to soreness.


You knead to grow Challah Cake 

Challah Cake seeds are botanical sprinters when paired with the right growing techniques. True to their indica genes, they sprout into bushy plants with a sturdy nature. They thrive in any grow medium, including soil-based and hydroponic setups.

There are two essential factors to consider when growing this strain: THC preservation and humidity control.

One of the key factors in creating and maintaining high THC levels is light. Outdoors, the plants need high levels of sunlight during flowering to stimulate resin production. Indoors, opt for powerful bulbs like LEDs.

Another way to boost and maintain high THC when growing Challah Cake seeds is high-stress training (HST). These plants are hardy enough to withstand the stress. It triggers their immune system to produce more resin as a means of protection.

Monitor the humidity levels, as these indica plants can get bushy and trap moisture. Use a hydrometer to ensure it stays within the 40–50% range. Trim and prune them regularly to prevent excess foliage and send more energy to the buds.

A little TLC is all it takes to gain a generous yield of 16–20 oz./m² after a nine week flowering period.

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