DNA Cake Auto


Genetics:Gelato Sorbet x Lava Cake


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 12–14 oz./m²

Type: Autoflower

Embrace your sweet tooth with DNA Cake seeds. This cannabis strain is a culinary delight. It boasts a sugary, creamy smoke and a lip-smacking vanilla frosting flavor. 

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Product Details

DNA Cake autoflower cannabis seeds are the perfect pick if you’re looking for an easy growing experience. They’re effortless to cultivate and give you a robust harvest of high THC buds.

This strain is the love child of DNA Cake and a ruderalis, making it a hardy and fast-growing plant. Thanks to this powerhouse combination, it’s bursting with tantalizing flavors and glistening trichomes.

DNA Cake auto is popular among medicinal and recreational users. It offers relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effects. Learn more about the coveted DNA Cake autoflower seeds below.

How DNA Cake autoflower cannabis seeds was baked

DNA Cake autoflower marijuana seeds come from the masterful mixing of DNA Cake with a ruderalis. It also contains feminized genetics.

The original strain is a cross between Gelato Sorbet and Lava Cake. These parents lend to the delectable flavors and uplifting effects of the DNA Cake auto.

Gelato Sorbet develops beautiful buds with striking blends of purple, green, and yellow. It’s a popular choice for beginners and veterans thanks to its calm, uplifting effects. This creamy, fruity strain boasts a silky smooth, cough-free smoke.

The indica-dominant Lava Cake strain glistens with trichomes and green and purple hues. It’s a sweet tasting smoke that smells like the opening hours of a bakery. It induces mellow and rejuvenating effects.

Studies reveal that Cannabis ruderalis contains extremely low levels of THC. So, why do growers use this species? 

Ruderalis plants are non-photoperiod. That means they flower according to a fixed time frame regardless of changes in the light cycle. When combined with other powerful strains, they form a fast-growing, hardy cultivar that amplifies the other parent’s strengths. 

Step into the DNA Genetics bakery

DNA Cake auto carries its parents’ cake-like flavours and aromas. It lives up to its name, producing a deliciously sweet taste with warm, nutty scents.

Amid the flowering stage, the nugs give off sweet, fruity smells. Notes of dank and diesel waft through as harvest time nears. Grind the buds, and a spicy and gassy whiff awakens your olfactory senses.

This strain gives off an assortment of aromatics. Dig into the flavour explosion that’s sugary with hints of vanilla, yet met with a contrast of spicy diesel.

DNA Cake’s dominant terpene, myrcene, delivers pungent odours of wood and spices. Undertones of pine latch to your palate as you exhale.

The creamy, sugary taste of cake is this strain’s most notable flavor. Its intricate profile makes DNA Cake autoflower marijuana seeds the perfect choice for growers with a sweet tooth.

Get baked with DNA Cake autoflower seeds

DNA Cake is an unassuming strain. Its deceptively average 19% THC levels will send you into a coma of calm. It’s popular among people looking for an indica-dominant strain for everyday use. The smoke relieves and rejuvenates.

The effects start off slowly, with mild euphoria and a cheerful mood. They build steadily, inciting an energetic cerebral buzz.

Indica-heavy strains rarely give you an energetic buzz, but DNA Cake does. This strain boosts your focus as the effects bloom. It provides the perfect opportunity to start a DIY project or finish up some work.

This strain’s cognitive arousal makes it popular among smokers with ADHD. Its uplifting cerebral buzz may bolster concentration and motivation.

As you get deeper into the dank, so does the relaxation. Couch-lock is eminent, trapping you with an ultra-soothing, full-body buzz.

Stock up on snacks, because this strain heightens your senses. Everything tastes like a five-star meal. Sweet treats pair best with this dessert-like cultivar.

Warm and comforting waves wash over your body, soothing joints and muscles. You can’t resist the relaxing call of the couch as you’re cemented in place.

You may benefit from the soothing effects if you deal with chronic pain. This strain’s high THC levels may reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

This strain might lower symptoms of anxiety, like racing thoughts. The high THC levels could also boost dopamine and serotonin. 

The comforting buzz feels like a warm cup of milk, gently putting you to sleep. Your eyes get heavy, and calm washes over your mind.

Prepare for a one-way ticket to Dreamland. People with insomnia often employ the aid of DNA Cake. It provides full-body relaxation, helping you fall into a deep sleep much quicker.

Grow sweet, voluptuous buds

DNA Cake auto seeds thrive in indoor setups without any high-stress training (HST). They flourish in a controlled climate, as they have less time to heal from injuries before flowering.

Indica-dominant plants tend to be on the bushier side. Regularly trim off excess foliage and keep humidity levels moderate.

Low-stress training (LST) techniques, such as the Sea of Green (SOG), are a must. They promote even light exposure by levelling out the plants’ canopy. These methods lead to higher yields with more succulent and voluptuous nugs.

DNA Cake autoflower cannabis seeds develop into robustly flavourful buds. Focus on intensifying the aromatics when cultivating them.

The best way to highlight a strain’s flavour is by growing it in a soil-based medium, which preserves terpenes. Protect your plants and enhance the aromatics by adding mycorrhizal fungi.

Adjusting light cycles during flowering can also help produce fatter buds. The ideal schedule is 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

Only experienced growers should employ HST techniques when cultivating DNA Cake autoflower cannabis seeds. Cannabis boosts its natural defences when under stress, increasing the terpenes we so love.

The easiest way to instigate stress is by creating drought-like conditions. Hold off on watering your crops several days before they’re ready to harvest. The stress causes them to produce more terpenes, resulting in tastier buds.

DNA Cake auto’s flowering stage usually lasts nine weeks. The plants yield around 1–1.5 oz./m² of voluptuous buds indoors.

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