DNA Cake Auto


Genetics:Gelato Sorbet x Lava Cake


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 12–14 oz./m²

Type: Auto

Embrace your sweet tooth with DNA Cake seeds. This cannabis strain is a culinary delight. It boasts a sugary, creamy smoke and a lip-smacking vanilla frosting flavor. 

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Product Details

DNA Cake marijuana seeds are easy to cultivate and provide a bounty of high THC nugs. This strain is popular among medicinal and recreational users. The effects are uplifting, relaxing, and euphoric. 

The rare DNA Cake strain adds high value to your weed seed collection. Shop our selection of feminized and autoflower seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department.

The recipe for the DNA Cake strain

DNA Cake seeds are a cross of two famous cultivars: Gelato Sorbet and Lava Cake. These strains have a reputation for their delicious flavor and uplifting effects.

Gelato Sorbet is a beautiful hybrid strain. The buds feature stunning hues of purple, green, and yellow. Beginners and veterans enjoy the mellow uplifting effects. The smoke is fruity, creamy, and cough-free. 

Lava Cake is an indica-dominant cultivar. It boasts hues of green and purple and is covered in shimmering trichomes. The flavor profile is sweet, and it smells like freshly baked goods. The effects are relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Our DNA Cake autoflowering strain shares the same genes as the feminized version. The only difference is it’s also mixed with a ruderalis. This hardy non-photoperiod cultivar flowers without needing a change in light cycles. 

Savor the sweetness of DNA Cake

Light up a DNA Cake joint, and passers-by will look for the bakery. This strain lives up to its name. It delivers a decadently sweet flavor and warm, nutty aroma. 

During flowering, the buds smell sweet and fruity. As they reach harvest, hints of gas and dank linger. Grind up the nugs to get a whiff of the spicy, diesel-like scent. Similar to the many cake flavors at a bakery, this strain has an array of aromatics. 

Inhale the creamy, sweet smoke reminiscent of a sugary vanilla frosting. Hints of spice and gas awaken your olfactory senses and keep the toke session exciting. 

As you puff, the flavors grow. The dominant terpene, myrcene, adds rich notes of spices and wood. On the exhale, hints of pine and forest floor linger on your palate. 

The most prominent flavor is the sweet and warm cake taste. DNA Cake is an excellent pick thanks to the complex yet delicious profile.

Get baked with DNA Cake

Don’t be fooled by the moderate THC levels; the DNA Cake strain is a creeper. This cultivar sneaks up on you and relaxes your socks off. 

DNA Cake seeds are perfect for people who want an everyday indica. The buds are soothing and uplifting. They could send you on a one-way flight to Dreamland if you overindulge. 

At first, the effects feel mild. Slight euphoria and a happier mood are the first signs. The sensations gradually build into a cerebral buzz. 

Indicas aren’t synonymous with high focus and energy, but DNA Cake is. Your concentration peaks when the effects kick in. It’s the perfect time to finish up overdue assignments or forgotten passion projects. 

The mental stimulation makes this strain a popular pick for users with ADHD. The uplifting effect paired with a cerebral buzz may boost motivation and focus. 

As the effects get stronger, a deep relaxation sets in. The couch-lock catches you suddenly, and the full-body buzz begins. 

Gentle, warm waves relax tense muscles and soothe your body. Cement feet kick in, and you’re forced to submit to the relaxing physical buzz. This effect may be beneficial for chronic pain ailments. It may also quell racing thoughts related to mental health conditions like anxiety. 

DNA Cake may be beneficial for people with a lack of appetite. Prepare snacks in advance, because the munchies hit hard with this strain. Sweet foods go well with this dessert-like cultivar. 

The soothing buzz transforms into a tranquilizer as the effects die down. Your eyelids become heavy, and your mind feels peaceful. 

Prepare for the deepest night of slumber ever. This strain is commonly used by people with insomnia. It relaxes you from head to toe, which may help you sleep faster and deeper.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but DNA Cake does

DNA Cake seeds produce intensely flavorful cannabis buds. Aim to enhance the aromatics when growing them. 

Cultivating in soil-based mediums is the best way to prioritize a strain’s flavor. Add mycorrhizal fungi to the mix. It protects the plants and boosts terpenes. 

Low-stress training (LST) methods like the Sea of Green (SOG) are excellent. They help even out the canopy and encourage equal light distribution. These techniques improve yields and give you a higher percentage of plump, juicy buds. 

High-stress training (HST) is also a good option for DNA Cake seeds. When cannabis plants are under stress, it boosts the natural defense mechanism: terpenes. 

An easy way to cause a period of stress is to create drought-like conditions. Stop watering your plants several days prior to harvest. They’ll produce more terpenes to protect themselves, and you get more flavorful buds. 

As indica-dominant plants, these crops are on the bushy side. Trim excess foliage regularly and prevent high humidity levels. 

The DNA Cake strain thrives in indoor and outdoor setups. We recommend growing the autoflower version indoors without any HST. Autos do better in a controlled climate, as they don’t have much time to recover from errors before flowering. 

The flowering stage typically lasts nine weeks for both feminized and autoflower versions. The yields are around 12–14 oz./m² for feminized variants and 1–1.5 oz./m² for autos.

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