Watermelon Man auto seeds


Genetics:Watermelon x OG Kush Auto


Flowering Time:8–9 weeks

Yield: 18 oz./m²

Type: Autoflower

Watermelon Man auto seeds produce juicy, fruity cannabis buds with a delightful, euphoric buzz. Feast your eyes on the stunning purple-hued plants covered in ultra-sticky resin. 


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Product Details

Enjoy the grape candy-flavored smoke and inhale the herbal melon aromatics. The effects are uplifting, mind-clearing, and soothing without being intimidating. Watermelon Man is a popular daily use strain for medicinal and recreational users. 

Grow the beloved Watermelon Man strain with the convenience of autoflowering genetics. Shop our selection of marijuana seeds available in different sizes for your convenience. 

The origin story of Watermelon Man

Watermelon Man auto seeds come from two famous indicas: Watermelon and OG Kush auto. These parent cultivars impart lip-smacking flavor and resilience, making it an all-rounder. 

    • Watermelon hails from a mysterious lineage, but the fruity melon flavor is undeniable. It’s an indica-dominant strain with deeply relaxing effects. Growers treasure its gigantic buds and high yields. The tropical flavor and potent buzz make it the perfect evening toke. 
    • OG Kush auto is an easy-growing indica-dominant strain. The yields are surprisingly generous for an autoflower, and the plants are resilient. Enjoy the pine and citrus aroma with hints of diesel. The effects are euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing. 

Relish the one-in-a-melon fruity smoke

Sweet strain lovers enjoy the delectable sugary flavor of Watermelon Man. This cultivar is ideal for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a unique fruity toke. Beginners appreciate the subdued dank aroma with tropical overtones. 

During flowering, your grow room becomes an island destination. The aroma of tropical fruit lingers in the air. Hints of diesel and dank bring all the stoners to your yard. 

The freshly ground nugs assault your olfactory senses. Sparks of citrus and spice perk you up. Sweet grape fragrance floods the air once you light this toke up. 

The first puff is like biting into a fresh, juicy watermelon. The sweet smoke is silky and refreshing from the lemon zest. It takes your taste buds on a journey through pine forests, with a deep, earthy flavor. The exhale has herbal undertones, but the sweet watermelon notes cover them.

The dominant terpene is myrcene, which gives this strain its sugary and earthy notes. Caryophyllene is also prominent in Watermelon Man. It lends a sweet and spicy flavor to the smoke. 

You won’t lose your rind with Watermelon Man 

Let your hair down and kick your feet up. Watermelon Man is the ultimate toke for a chilled session. The THC levels are moderate and perfectly balanced. You can puff on this strain all day, and it still won’t send you over the edge. 

Gentle cerebral waves stream through your mind within the first few minutes. The uplifting effect improves your mood and clears negative thoughts. 

The moderate THC level makes it ideal for mundane tasks. It doesn’t impair concentration, so you’re still coherent enough to be productive. The uplifting buzz feeds your motivation and makes everyday activities more exciting. 

The uplifting buzz grows and fits of giggles ensue. Happiness consumes you, and your mind melts into Watermelon Man’s gentle caress. 

The mind-clearing, uplifting buzz makes this strain popular among medicinal users. It may be beneficial for people with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It’s also an ideal micro-dosing toke for daily use. In low-to-moderate doses, it’s relaxing without affecting concentration. 

When the effects peak, a tranquil cerebral hum plays soothing vibrations in your mind. You’re left in a meditative state of peace and calmness. 

Euphoric vibrations build up and hit center stage after a while. Soothing waves dance through your body. They remove tension and relieve discomfort. The muscle-melting buzz winds you down without tranquilizing you. 

Unlike most indicas, Watermelon Man makes your body feel light and rejuvenated. Many medicinal users claim it delivers potent analgesic effects without the typical couch-lock. As the effects die down, you feel relaxed and stress-free. Higher doses can be sedating and help you get a restful sleep. 

Tips for successfully cultivating Watermelon Man 

Watermelon Man auto seeds thrive in tropical climates with temperatures averaging 77–82°F. They do well in indoor or outdoor setups and give generous yields in most mediums. 

These plants are resilient, but they’re not resistant to bugs, diseases, or powdery mildew. Grow indoors if you live in an area with high humidity and pest problems. 

Infuse your growing medium with rhizobacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. They help prevent disease and improve nutrient absorption. Spray diluted neem oil as a natural way to deter pests. 

Autoflowers don’t have enough time to heal from mistakes, since you can’t extend their vegging period. They enter flowering without a change in light cycles. It’s important to keep the plants comfortable and prevent mishaps. 

Watermelon Man auto seeds grow into moderate-height plants with bushy foliage. Trim them regularly and employ low-stress training (LST) techniques. These methods create a uniform canopy and provide better light distribution. 

Care for them properly, and these plants will become the beauty pageant winners of the grow room. The foliage is a deep forest green color with striking hints of violet. The dark purple buds drip with glistening resin, covering the watermelon-hued stigmata. 

Many growers focus on improving the flavor intensity of this strain. High-stress training (HST) helps boost terpene levels, but autoflowers are time-sensitive. 

Instead of HST, opt for soil-based mediums and increase sugar carbohydrates. Combine 1–2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses per gallon of water. Use this mixture to water and top your plants.

Watermelon Man auto seeds flower for 8–9 weeks. The crops deliver generous yields of 18 oz./m² indoors and 4 oz./plant outdoors.

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