CheMACal Romance Auto


Genetics:Chem x MAC Auto

Genotype:Balanced Hybrid

Flowering Time:6–7 weeks

Yield: 1.5–4 oz./m²

Type: Autoflower

CheMACal Romance auto seeds are a must-have for growers and consumers alike. They produce marijuana buds with citrus and vanilla flavors. The balanced sativa and indica genetics paired with incredible THC levels make for a well-rounded toke. 

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Product Details

We stock CheMACal Romance autoflower marijuana seeds in a variety of pack sizes. The resulting non-photoperiod plants don’t rely on a light change to flower.

Legendary lineage and genetics

CheMACal Romance auto seeds originate from none other than the legendary Chem x MAC auto. This strain has 50/50 sativa and indica genetics, creating a perfect balance. Expect a THC level of 19–24% and minimal CBD.

The primary terpene in CheMACal Romance auto is limonene, which brings citrus flavors. Pinene and caryophyllene are secondary compounds. The former mixes in pine scents, and the latter adds peppery aromas.

Yummy butter and earth flavors

CheMACal Romance cannabis buds taste like sweet butter on the inhale. Enjoy soft notes of vanilla and citrus on the exhale. There’s also an abundance of earth and spice flavors.

These nugs give off potent smells. Breathe in earth and sour notes with hints of diesel. Sharp skunk scents add an extra boost to the pungent aromas.

A perfectly balanced toke

The effects of CheMACal Romance kick in almost instantly. The sativa genetics fill you with euphoric and creative energy. You feel an uplifting cerebral high that settles into a deep body buzz. A tingly sensation spreads from your brain down to your limbs.

You feel relaxed yet energized enough to continue daily tasks. Gather some friends and make a day out of arts and crafts. Take advantage of the bliss and happiness emanating throughout your body and mind.

CheMACal Romance auto is a perfect daytime toke that easily allows you to get through the day. 420 enthusiasts love it for the head buzz and sense of inspiration. Many report feeling clear-headed and motivated.

The potential medicinal benefits of CheMACal Romance are second to none. Some claim they feel less depressed and stressed after consuming this strain. You may find it eases chronic pain, fatigue, nausea, and insomnia.

Easy to grow with promising yields

Gather your CheMACal Romance auto seeds and prepare to germinate them. Consider following the paper towel method since it’s the most straightforward option.

Set a moist paper towel on a plate and place your marijuana seeds about an inch apart on top of it. Rest a second dampened napkin and plate over them. Leave your setup in a dark, warm area, like a kitchen cupboard. Check on your seeds daily.

Remember that some cannabis seeds take longer to sprout than others. Be patient and give your seeds enough time to pop. Your seeds should grow taproots after 1–5 days, but some take up to a week or more.

You can grow CheMACal Romance auto cannabis plants indoors and outside. They thrive in environments that mimic Mediterranean climates. This strain is ideal for beginners and experts. You can cultivate it in hydroponics or soil.

Use dehumidifiers and fans if you opt for a controlled environment. Set your pots in full sun when growing in a greenhouse or outside.

Experienced cultivators typically choose hydroponics. This method can produce larger yields if you have enough knowledge. Keep a balanced pH level of 5.8–6.2 when opting for this substrate. 

Growing CheMACal Romance auto seeds in a soil medium is ideal for beginners. Provide efficient moisture levels to avoid root rot or clogging. Ensure you use containers with enough drainage holes.

Keep the temperature at 70–85°F throughout the growing period. The relative humidity (RH) should be 40–60%. Drop the RH to 40–50% once your CheMACal Romance auto plants are ready to flower.

Fluorescent lights work best for CheMACal Romance cannabis plants. These T5 lamps aren’t too intense, so the crops grow without strain. Keep the illumination source 20–31 inches from the leaves to prevent burning them.

CheMACal Romance marijuana crops are autoflowering. They bloom regardless of how much light they get. Provide your plants with a 20/4 hour illumination cycle for optimal results.

These cannabis plants benefit from the Sea of Green (SOG) training technique. Pack several crops close together, generating an even canopy of green. Using this method results in larger yields and healthier foliage.

Other training options for CheMACal Romance auto marijuana plants are monster cropping or topping. Some cultivators use the manifolding technique as well. These practices increase nug production, aiding crops to grow bigger.

These weed plants thrive with a balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) ratio. Add iron, zinc, or magnesium if you want to boost the health of your CheMACal Romance crops.

Pay extra attention to the soil nutrients for CheMACal Romance marijuana crops. These plants often drain all supplements from the earth. Track the conditions to keep them optimal.

CheMACal Romance cannabis plants flower within 6–7 weeks. Expect to harvest 1.5–4 oz./m² when growing indoors. You can collect up to 7 oz./plant outdoors in early October. These crops typically reach 5–7 feet tall.

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