What are autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflower weed seeds offer unique qualities, they grow plants that don’t care about the seasons. They produce marijuana plants that can complete the life cycle in just ten weeks from seed. The shorter life cycle means you sample the fruits of your labor sooner. Auto flowering seeds are also arguably the easiest to grow because they flower automatically once they reach sexual maturity. Autos blend special genetics and this genetic trait comes from cannabis ruderalis.

As far as the opinion of botanists goes, well, botanists can’t agree. They’re not sure if cannabis ruderalis is a different species, a subspecies, or a variation. Most people know it as the third type of cannabis. How does it impact you? Autoflower marijuana promises a short life cycle and you won’t need to change the lighting to induce the flowering stage. Our autoflower seeds are also feminized.

Where do autoflowering cannabis genetics come from?

Ruderalis genetics evolved in Eastern Europe and Asia. These plants grow in the difficult conditions in Siberia, Russia. Ruderal in plants means the same as feral to animals.

These straggly plants grow naturally in fallow fields and beside roadways. They’re the first to colonize land disturbed by removing cultivated plants.

Ruderalis grows exclusively above 50 degrees North of the equator. The autoflowering marijuana seeds survive harsh weather conditions to germinate in rare pleasant spells. Rapid growth means they clear the vegetative stage within 5–7 weeks from seed.

Farmers consider them pesky weeds. For you, they offer significant progress. Breeders blend ruderalis with epic sativa or indica strains to annex the recessive gene. Further crossing stabilizes the trait, producing autoflower cannabis seeds.

Now, you can go from seed to harvest in ten weeks. Initial offerings like Lowryder perhaps underwhelmed. Further testing boosted THC, output, and quality. Progress has spawned so-called super-autos. They grow a bit taller and bloom heavily.

What are the advantages of autoflower cannabis?

Ruderalis cannabis evolved wild in poor climatic conditions. Survival depended on its capacity to adjust and adapt.

The trait speeds up the life cycle. It pushes the autoflowering plant to maturity and reproduction from the moment it sprouts. It allows you to conceivably complete two harvests per season.

Autoflower cannabis can also survive cold temperatures. It fights off diseases and repels various insects. Autos are perfect for indoor cultivation. They can grow well outdoors, particularly in northern summers with long daylight hours.

Plants are generally short and squat with few branches. They make sense if you’re stealth growing, as they’re easy to stash among other flora. The shorter life cycle also means faster harvests.

Autoflowers allow a perpetual harvest. Stagger germination for a production line effect. You don’t need to change lighting so high rates of photosynthesis power development. Modern autoflower strains offer you surprisingly bountiful yields in quick order.

What are the ideal conditions for growing autoflower cannabis?

Autoflower cannabis grows explosively in the right conditions. The right combination of light, nutrients, and water can work wonders.

You can choose 18 hours of light and six off or 20 on and 4 off. It’s even possible to run them for 24 hours, all the way to harvest. In this vegetative stage, the light boosts structural development and fan leaf growth. Your crop needs plenty of light and nitrogen in this phase.

They bloom when they reach sexual maturity. There’s no need to change the light schedule to induce the flowering period. The extra light boosts flower growth, fattening yields.

Watering is crucial. Underwatering is perhaps less dangerous than overdoing it. Watering every 2–3 days should be sufficient. Push your finger into the soil to check. If it’s dry an inch down, it could use a top-up.

How to grow autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflower cannabis strains grow fast and offer hardy genetics. The seeds are easy to cultivate, and even beginner growers can reap excellent harvests.

Step-by-step guide

Growing autos can be simple, efficient, and effective. You can germinate these autoflower seeds in their permanent medium. Transplanting may delay development.

Most growers choose a soil medium in an indoor set-up. Make the most of these high-quality autoflower seeds by growing them under lights. Long hours encourage development, and healthy weed plants cruise through the life cycle.

During the veg phase, keep temperatures at 70–80 ⁰F. Set relative humidity (RH) at about 70%. Ensure proper air circulation and try not to overwater your crop.

The vegetative period provides the base upon which the buds can grow. Helpful conditions promote optimal growth. They allow the plant to achieve maturity and its maximum size. Autoflower cannabis needs more nitrogen during veg.

The abundant element affects yields and quality significantly. Yields respond dramatically well with optimal levels.

Autoflowering cannabis strains grow small plants, so feedings don’t have to be heavy. Start with a half dose to hedge against nutrient burn. We suggest front-loading your feedings. It gives the plants time to deplete the macro- and micronutrients.

Gradually reduce the RH. It needs to be around 50% by the onset of flowering. Most autoflowering strains reach sexual maturity after 5–7 weeks.

The telltale white hairs and pistils herald the onset of the bloom. There’s no need to change anything except the feeding regimen.

Flowering cannabis needs higher levels of phosphorus (P) to thrive. It also needs potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Nitrogen requirements fall. Flush your plants with pure water for the last two weeks. It removes excess chemicals, improving flavor and taste.

What are some common mistakes to avoid?

Common errors usually involve environmental issues. Overfeeding autoflower cannabis causes a build-up in the medium. It can lead to nutrient burn or a lock-out. A lock-out stunts growth and impacts yield. The rule of thumb is to start low and go slow.

Overwatering is worse than underwatering for auto-flowering plants. Err on the side of caution. Cannabis plants are hardy, and autos especially so. Too much water can suffocate the roots and kill your plants. Stick to a schedule and increase volume as they progress.

Outdoor growing is all about timing. Avoid frost at all costs. Indoor growers choose set-ups to maximize development. Changing the lighting schedule to 12 on and 12 off slows metabolism. It defeats the object.

You can run the lights for 20 hours on and four hours off throughout the life cycle. Some choose 18/6 or even 24/0. Autos handle 24-hour lighting regimes for ultimate ease of growth. Some experienced growers think the period of darkness offers benefits.

What autoflower tips can inflate yields?

Autoflower cannabis strains are an intriguing option. While harvests are usually lighter than photoperiod options, the speed of the life cycle compensates. There are several ways to boost your output:

  • Choose the right auto-flowering cultivars: Strain genetics affects the quality of your harvest. Don’t skimp on seeds after splashing out on equipment and fertilizers.
  • Don’t transplant your auto seeds in their permanent medium. Transplanting stresses them out and delays progress. With such a brief life cycle, you could cause irreparable damage.
  • No HST because high-stress training (HST) works wonders for photoperiod cultivation. The stress rules topping, supercropping, and even pruning out for autoflower cannabis. You might use low-stress training (LST) to shape the plant. It boosts quality and volume.
  • Smaller Autos need lighter feedings. Balance macro and micronutrients for best results, so get the nutrients right.
  • Control the pH of your water because cannabis prefers a slightly acidic pH.
  • Optimal harvest time: When over 50% of the trichomes turn cloudy, it’s time. If they turn amber, it denotes falling THC levels. It changes into CBN, which causes drowsiness and sedation.

Regular Vs. Feminized Vs. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

How do regular, feminized, and autoflower cannabis varieties differ? Which is best for you?

Regular seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are 100% natural. They produce male and female plants at about a 50-50 rate. You need male plants to create new strains.

Male plants don’t grow the flowers most growers are hoping for. Males can fertilize your female plants. If they do, the females stop growing buds and focus on creating seeds.

Feminized seeds

Our breeders create feminized seeds without male chromosomes. It means they can only grow female plants, eliminating wasteful male cultivation. They are 99.9% likely to produce buds.

Breeders force females to produce pollen sacs. Most change the hormonal balance with chemicals like colloidal silver. They harvest the pollen and use it to fertilize other female plants.

The pollen and the flower contain only female chromosomes. The seeds can only grow female plants.

Autoflower seeds

Autoflower cannabis plants pay no attention to the photoperiod. They flower automatically once they reach sexual maturity. It means a shorter growing period and smaller yields. Autos are generally also feminized. They’re excellent for indoor growing in limited space.

How to store autoflower seeds?

While cannabis seeds seem pretty indestructible, remember that they’re alive. These tiny ovules are dormant, waiting for the right conditions to germinate. Like hibernating bears, they store energy. They need it to kickstart growth.

Like all living things, cannabis seeds can die. They have four main enemies:

  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen

Relative humidity (RH) is the most significant issue for seed storage. If humidity is high, the seeds start to germinate. If it’s 40–60%, the seeds increase respiration. They breathe more, and the potential for fungi increases. Limit RH to 10–30% when storing your seeds.

Exposing your seeds to temperature variations or light conditions can compromise germination. Unhelpful environmental conditions mean the seeds have to use up their nutrients.

Store your autoflower cannabis seeds in a dark, dry, cool spot. They need stable temperatures. Ziplock bags are great as they can eliminate excess air to reduce oxygen and RH. Ensure you block out light. A drawer or a dark cupboard works well.

For long-term storage, use a fridge. Put the seeds in an airtight container with a silica desiccant. Opening and closing the door can produce shifts in temperature.

You can put your seeds in the freezer. They decline slower as their metabolism slows down.

What are some epic auto strains from DNA Genetics?

Autoflower cannabis is the new kid on the block. Let’s look at a few of our incredible new cultivars.

Return of the Mac auto

These seeds match the legendary genes of OG Kush Auto and Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC). The result is an indica-dominant cultivar with Cannabis Cup-winning genetics. Best of all, it’s easy to grow.

Return of the Mac auto is fast-acting and initially boosts energy levels. Indica effects soon offer relaxation and even sedation. The flavors are tangy and fruity. They need only 8–9 weeks in bloom to produce 15 oz/m².

Canelo auto

Premium Canelo auto seeds offer high-THC buds. This potent hybrid boasts legendary flavors and a quick life cycle. It mixes Strawberry Banana DNA with legendary OG Kush auto. The result is an indica-dominant autoflower cannabis cultivar with clout.

60 Day Lemon Autoflower

This cultivar matches 2007 Cannabis Cup winner Lemon Skunk with a ruderalis variant. The result is an indica-heavy crop that completes the life cycle in 60 days from seeds. Reactions are happy, uplifted, and relaxed, while the lemony flavors are delectable.

Auto DNA Cake

This strain is an indica-dominant strain that typically flowers for 75 days. It creates dense buds covered in trichomes. It also contains elevated levels of resin. It boasts an incredible terpene profile with a sweet, creamy aroma. Auto DNA Cake uplifts and relaxes.

Why are Autoflowers so popular?

Autoflower cannabis is a popular choice offering several advantages. The fast growth cycle and discreet size help keep your crop low profile. Autos are resilient and can handle cool spells. Modern strains offer excellent yields of high-THC buds in double-quick time.

Browse our exclusive collection of Cannabis Cup-winning strains. We only select and breed the highest quality seeds. DNA Genetics is the undisputed leader in creating quality medicinal cultivars.