The Big Mac Auto


Genetics:MAC x OG Kush auto

Genotype:Indica-dominant seeds

Flowering Time:7–9 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Type: Autoflower Seeds

The Big Mac auto seeds deliver heaps of sticky indica-dominant buds in four months or less. This weed is as delicious as it is feel-good, making it a go-to toke for fans of vintage strains.

Sweet-and-spicy, uplifting yet relaxing, recreational yet therapeutic: The Big Mac ticks all the boxes. Its quality genes and breeding ensure consistent quality.

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Growers love this variant’s fast-growing, non-photoperiod nature. It enables outdoor cultivation in cold areas or two gardens per season. Due to its quick development, it pairs best with an experienced hand.

Keep reading to learn more about The Big Mac. We discuss its origins, flavors, effects, benefits, and growing requirements.

The budchild of legends

The Big Mac auto seeds have an indica-dominant, non-photoperiod genetic profile. They result from crossing MAC with an autoflowering version of OG Kush. With such a stellar lineage, it’s no wonder the resulting strain is a powerhouse.

Let’s introduce the parent cultivars:

  • MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) is a balanced hybrid with heavy-hitting, euphoric effects. It smells like damp earth, citrus, and spice. The buds are grape-shaped, resin-rich, and suitable for afternoon use.
  • OG Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis superstar. It’s much-loved for its herbaceous flavor and super-sticky buds. The effects are predominantly physical and relaxing, with hints of cerebral sativa.

The offspring strain borrows traits from both parents. The aroma fuses their compatible scent notes into something even tastier. The effects mimic both cultivars’ heavy hand, coming at you hard and fast.

The Big Mac auto seeds inherit OG Kush auto’s non-photoperiod genes and growth traits. They develop into compact plants and flower regardless of the light schedule.

Old-school aroma improved

The Big Mac is a flavor bomb dominated by myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene. These four terpenes pack a powerful aromatic punch loved by connoisseurs. The cultivar’s reminiscent of old-school cannabis but sweeter and spicier.

Plants from The Big Mac auto seeds have a strong smell as they mature. They fill the space with a grassy aroma that becomes earthy, citrusy, and floral at peak ripeness.

The drying and curing process intensifies and refines the aroma. It becomes more concentrated, with a balance of various scent notes.

Piquant smoke makes your eyes water upon combustion. It smells like spice, earth, lemon, and overripe fruit. Folks with sensitive notes detect floral and tropical notes in the bouquet.

The strain has a complex palate on the inhale. Musk, sugar, and fruit linger on the tongue, and diesel, spice, and citrus tickle the palate. The exhale is sweet and somewhat oily, often lingering for hours.

Mind and body magic

Weed from The Big Mac auto seeds is indica-dominant, potent, and best saved for late afternoons. It induces a high that begins as cerebral but melts into full-body relaxation. Recreational and medical users enjoy its long-lasting effects.

The initial experience is all about euphoria, creativity, and sociability. There’s a cerebral rush that removes negativity from the mind, uplifting the mood. These sensations are conducive to artistic endeavors or social interactions.

The energizing headiness doesn’t last long. Anticipate deep-felt relaxation to permeate the mind and body after the first hour. The munchies and sleepiness heighten as time passes, gluing you to the couch with a snack.

Most people get sleepy as they sober up, so don’t schedule anything post-blunt. Avoid overconsumption, as this heavy-hitter could trigger dizziness and paranoia.

Patients love The Big Mac auto seeds because they quickly produce effective therapy. This strain might fight stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia symptoms.

Swift, straightforward growth

The Big Mac auto seeds are non-photoperiod, which influences your growing journey. The plants go through the usual germination, seedling, and vegetative stages. Then, they bloom automatically upon reaching a certain size (usually after 5–6 weeks).

The plants are small and sturdy. They resemble Christmas Trees, carrying dense foliage on short branches. As they develop quickly, you must minimize stress to maximize output.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain requires minimal care to thrive. It can grow indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, in soil or hydroponics.

The optimal climate for raising The Big Mac auto seeds is warm, sunny, and consistent. It enjoys a 70–85°F temperature range, low humidity, and good airflow. Given the short life cycle, you can sow and harvest during summer for the best results.

Avoid low-stress training if you’re new to cultivation. Stick to pruning to reduce foliage density and maintain light penetration. Veterans may tie the branches to flatten the canopy and boost yields.

Use well-draining soil mixed with perlite and compost to keep the roots healthy. Feed plants with a moderate dose of high-quality, life-stage-specific fertilizer. Flush two weeks before the harvest to boost the flavor.

Indoor cultivators don’t have to flip the lights. You can maintain an 18/6 cycle throughout the growing journey to supercharge growth. The flowering stage is 7–9 weeks and ends with an abundant harvest for the timeframe.

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