MacNana auto seeds


Genetics:Strawberry Banana x Mac Auto


Flowering Time:8–9 weeks

Yield: 14–19 oz./m²

Type: Autoflower

Strawberry Banana and Mac Auto are the parent strains of MacNana auto seeds. They give this cultivar its delicious flavor and potency.

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Product Details

Grow the queen of fruity autoflowering strains with MacNana auto seeds. This cannabis strain is bursting with juicy strawberry and banana flavors. 

Inhale the sweet smoke and enjoy the creative cerebral buzz. An unforgettable soothing body high is also on the cards. MacNana is the ultimate anytime toke thanks to its balanced effects. 

Growers enjoy the strain’s heavy yields, milky trichomes, and high potency levels. Shop our range of autoflower marijuana seeds in different pack sizes to meet your needs. 

The origins of MacNana auto

Strawberry Banana and Mac Auto are the parent strains of MacNana auto seeds. They give this cultivar its delicious flavor and potency. 

Also known as Strawnana, Strawberry Banana is a sweet, fruity strain with a powerful THC kick. Fans love its uplifting, peace-inducing cerebral buzz and relaxing effects. This mellow yellow cultivar is easy-growing, heavy-yielding, and drenched in sugary resin. 

Mac Auto is the autoflowering version of the famous Miracle Alien Cookies. It’s an ultra-potent hybrid with a perfectly balanced high. This strain has landrace roots, making it resilient and easy to grow. The harvest gives you high-bag value buds with vibrant colors.

Savor the a-peeling banana smoke

This sweet strain gets a lot of its flavor from its parent strain, Strawnana. The name “Strawberry Banana” speaks for itself. The ultra-fruity flavors are like smoking a smoothie. Juicy, sweet flavors burst through the smoke, making MacNana the ultimate dessert toke. 

When the buds bloom, your grow room smells like an island breeze. A sweet banana smell and tart strawberry aroma flood the air. 

Freshly ground nugs release a dank, strawberry fragrance with undertones of citrus. The strong fruity aroma infiltrates your olfactory senses and sticks to your clothes. 

Light up MacNana, and a whole new range of aromatics enter the spotlight. Mac Auto’s influence shines through with pungent, dank clouds filling up the room. Citrus swirls also slash through your palate. 

The smoke explodes into a bomb of dank, diesel-like scents. Whiffs of overripe bananas and strawberry syrup are also present. 

Take a puff to let the sweet, tropical flavors coat your palate. Lashings of citrus keep the flavors balanced. When you least expect it, pops of sourness awaken your senses and keep the toke exciting. 

Limonene is a prominent terpene in MacNana. It adds a refreshing zest that gives the smoke a light mouthfeel.

This strain is mostly sweet and fruity, with hints of citrus and dank. The banana flavor makes it beginner-friendly and excellent for sweet weed lovers. 

Unleash your creativity with this peel-good toke 

MacNana auto seeds produce the ultimate creative strain. The fruity smoke molds your mind into a paintbrush, filling you with colorful ideas. 

The first few puffs brighten up your mood. The uplifting waves wash away stress, negative thoughts, and tension. MacNana clears clouds of doubt and frees your mind up. 

Your imagination soars and creative juices pump through your veins as the effects build. Pull out the palettes and paint or delve into other artistic ventures. 

The creative and uplifting effects may help with depression and ADHD. They could boost focus and improve motivation. 

The cerebral buzz turns into a relaxing hum as the effects hit their peak. Soothing vibrations travel down your spine and relieve tension. There’s no couch-lock with this strain, as it offers more of a mind high while still relaxing your body. 

Medicinal users choose this strain for its reported analgesic properties. MacNana may relieve pain without heavy sedation. It may also be beneficial for people with PTSD or chronic fatigue. 

At the peak, you feel mentally focused, relaxed, and hungry. The munchies are strong with this one, so have your favorite snacks prepared. 

The appetite-inducing effect may be beneficial for people with anorexia. It could stimulate hunger and improve food satisfaction. It might also relieve discomfort and nausea, which often cause loss of appetite. 

Sink into a state of deep relaxation and mental clarity as the effects die down. In moderate to low doses, this strain won’t sedate you, but in higher doses, it could knock you out. 

MacNana is an excellent daily strain. The relaxing body high paired with the stimulating cerebral buzz makes it versatile.

Top tips for cultivating MacNana auto seeds

MacNana auto seeds are easy to grow and deliver generous yields. Autoflower strains are best suited to cultivators with some experience. Beginners can successfully grow this non-photoperiod cultivar with the right tips. 

The most important aspect of growing autos is avoiding plant stress. These crops enter flowering without a change in light cycles. You risk losing your harvest if they’re stressed or diseased when blooming. 

The only stress these plants may benefit from is low-stress training (LST). It helps the branches get equal access to light, giving you plumper nugs. Avoid high-stress training (HST) methods with autos.

MacNana auto is a delicious strain, so preserving the flavor is essential. Opt for soil-based mediums for the tastiest buds. Use a super soil mix with worm castings, dolomite, and guano to boost the terpenes. 

Flush your plants two weeks before harvest to preserve the natural flavor. It also removes the taste of chemicals or fertilizers. 

Another essential method for flavor preservation is harvesting at the correct time. The terpenes degrade if you wait too long. Pluck the buds when they have milky white trichomes, fan leaves, and 60–70% of darkened pistils. 

MacNana auto seeds flower for around 8–9 weeks before delivering generous yields. Outdoor growers can collect 2–9 oz./plant. Indoors, you can expect about 14–19 oz./m².

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