Genetics:RP 43’ S1


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 14–16 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

RP 43’ seeds are feminized and 99% guaranteed to produce female cannabis plants. Buy these top-quality cannabis seeds in packs of 5,10,15 and 20 at DNA Genetics.

RP 43’ seeds honor NASCAR legend Richard Petty, nicknamed “the King.” This indica-dominant strain offers potent, pungent buds fit for a ruler. The gassy, dank aroma is its unforgettable signature.

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The RP 43’ cannabis strain is our brand-new creation. It’s easy to grow, and even beginners can secure excellent yields. Although it’s named after a race car driver, the effects are much more relaxed. It chills the mind and body, leaving you with a smile glued to your face.

How did RP 43’ get to victory lane?

RP 43’ seeds are named after a legendary race car driver and winner of 200 NASCAR Cup Series races. Like Richard Petty in his iconic number 43 car, this strain is a champion.

Similar to our S1 strains the process of reversing a female cannabis plant for self-pollination. Breeders turn a female mother plant into a male by stressing it. They then pollinate the plant with its own pollen to preserve its original genes.

A pungent flavor profile fit for gearheads

RP 43’ seeds produce cannabis buds with a spectacular flavor profile. Gearheads like Petty love the strong odor of gasoline with earthy tones. The aroma is pungent, but the flavor is smooth and dank.

This high-octane strain contains several terpenes that affect its flavor and aroma. Humulene offers earthy scents, while caryophyllene provides spice. The fruity, citrus notes point to limonene. The diesel or gas signature is a blend of myrcene and limonene.

Laid-back indica effects and benefits

RP 43’ seeds grow into mostly indica hybrid marijuana buds. Initially, the nugs boost energy, focus attention, and stimulate creativity. Some say the strain reduces inhibitions, allowing you to enjoy social occasions.

The energetic effects soon subside, eventually replaced by relaxation and calm. RP 43’ delivers heavy physical effects, making your limbs and eyelids heavy. Enjoy this indica-heavy strain in the evening or on a day off.

The sedative effects make RP 43’ a potential option to combat insomnia. Several reports also indicate this cultivar may improve appetite and help people with eating disorders. 

A high yielding marijuana strain

The first step of cultivation is sprouting your RP 43’ seeds. We recommend using the paper towel germination method for best results. You need two dinner plates, two sheets of paper towel, tweezers, and purified water in a bottle within a spray nozzle.

Spray one of the paper towels with purified water. Lift a corner to check there’s no standing water. The towel should be damp, not soaked. Use the tweezers to place the marijuana seeds. Leave at least an inch of space between them.

Wet the second towel and drape it over the seeds. Invert the second plate and enclose the medium. Ensure no light gets in. Plant your seeds in their permanent medium when you spot small taproots. They typically take 1–5 days to sprout. 

You can grow RP 43’ seeds inside, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. With indoor operations, you have complete control of the environment. You determine how you feed and water your crop. 

The seedling phase begins once the rounded cotyledons start to photosynthesize. Temperatures of 70–80⁰F are optimal. Seedlings thrive with high relative humidity levels of 60–70%. Don’t overwater them.

Sensitive seedlings can get nutrient burn and die if you add nutrients too soon. Wait until they have a few nodes and three or four sets of true leaves. Start with a half dose to hedge your bets. An NPK ratio of 4:2:3 is perfect for early in the vegetative stage.

Most growers provide 18–20 hours of light with 4–6 hours of darkness. It allows explosive growth, giving your crops a flying start. This bushy, short indica strain seldom grows above four feet. It’s ideal for indoor setups with a small amount of space.

Indoor growers may need to trim excess leaves to improve light coverage and aeration. Cannabis can double in size during bloom, so ensure you have enough room. Change the lighting schedule to 12 hours on and 12 off to induce flowering.

Flowering takes nine weeks, and you can expect healthy harvests of up to 14–16 oz./m². Check on your trichomes at this time. When over 50% have changed from clear to cloudy, it’s time to reap them.

Outdoor growers should aim for a sunny, dry spot that’s out of the wind. RP 43’ seeds grow best in warm, temperate, and continental conditions. The plants can grow significantly taller outdoors, boosting yields. The harvest is usually in early October in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s vital to dry and cure your harvested buds properly to avoid mold contamination. It improves their flavor by reducing harshness and highlighting the terpene profile. 

Drying removes 10–15% of the moisture, but it’s mostly near the surface. Curing degrades excess sugar and starch compounds, making for a much smoother smoke. It dries the buds to their core, allowing for extended storage. The process also retains potency and flavor.

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