Strawberry Banana s1


Genetics:Original Strawberry Banana x Original Strawberry Banana

Genotype:Mostly indica

Flowering Time:9–10 Weeks

Yield: 16–19 oz./m2

Type: Feminized

The joy of growing consistent cannabis strains starts with Strawberry Banana S1 seeds. This cultivar is an all-time favorite for most connoisseurs. No wonder it’s a multiple award-winner of the coveted Cannabis Cup title.

Strawberry Banana S1 exudes its parents’ aromas, flavors, and effects, but with a stronger punch. It’s feminized to offer resilient growth with predictable results. Beginners and pros can grow it indoors or outdoors.

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Its trichome-laden nugs are excellent for recreational and medicinal purposes. Their high potency delivers dynamic effects, some of which could be therapeutic. 

Balanced cultivation conditions produce generous yields, offering the most bang for your buck. DNA Genetics stocks these feminized weed seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department.

Strawberry Banana S1 seeds: Self-made 420 legends

Strawberry Banana S1 seeds are a rare 420 gem originating from the same mother plant. They’re the offspring of the original Strawberry Banana and Strawberry Banana. Anything is possible in the cannabis industry. A mother plant can reproduce itself without needing a male.

The “S1” symbol stands for “selfing” or “selfed.” It refers to the process of reversing a female cannabis plant for self-pollination. Breeders turn a female mother plant into a male by stressing it. They then pollinate the plant with its own pollen to preserve its original genes.

This unique genetic engineering creates crop stability. The seeds offer predictable growth thanks to genetic uniformity with the mother plant. Expect similar flavors, aromas, and effects, as well as more resilient growth.

Strawberry Banana is an indica-dominant strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa genes. DNA Genetics created it by crossing Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. This parent strain blends the coveted potency of Kush varieties and the sweet aroma of candy. 

The Strawberry Banana S1 strain is famous for its mouth-watering buds. It inherits indica-dominance from its parents and boasts heavy resin and THC production.

A delicious blend of bananas and strawberries

The aroma and flavor of Strawberry Banana S1 don’t fall far from its name. You get an experience similar to taking ripe bananas and strawberries. Some people report gas-like undertones in the sweet mixture.

Initial puffs produce an intense, sweet, tropical strawberry flavor and smell. The banana taste becomes more apparent as you exhale. The signature fruity flavor feels like taking a refreshing smoothie on a hot day. Some people get a creamy aftertaste.

A source of potent buds and potential medicine

Strawberry Banana S1 seeds produce buds with a happy, relaxing high. A few puffs soak you in immense peace while reserving enough energy for creative tasks. This weed strain has a THC content of up to 25%, making it a hard hitter for newbies. CBD levels fall below 1%.

Consume Strawberry Banana S1 in moderation if you have a low THC tolerance. Its effects kick off with intense euphoria that stabilizes into a gentle buzz. A burst of energy awakens your mental faculty, motivating you for social interactions. 

More puffs translate into a mellow high with a powerful calming sensation. You may notice stressful thoughts melt away over time. Complement the relaxing effect with your favorite TV show or movie. Your chill-out gets cozier with time, and you may drift to sound sleep.

Strawberry Banana S1 is excellent for evening or nighttime use. Its sedating properties last longer than its energy bursts. Most medicinal users leverage its relaxation potential to relieve insomnia. Others claim to use the buds for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Some enthusiasts say this strain could benefit people with attention deficit disorders. It boosts creativity while sharpening your focus and senses. It might also restore appetite, as the high THC can stimulate the munchies.

Top cultivation tips to maximize yield and potency

Strawberry Banana S1 seeds are beginner-friendly thanks to their sturdiness. They produce cannabis crops resistant to common pests, molds, and diseases. The plants thrive indoors and outdoors and respond well to various methods. 

This weed strain prefers a warm, sunny, Mediterranean-like climate. Outdoor cultivation is also possible in cooler regions. Start your crops indoors or in a greenhouse to preserve their fragile strength.

Strawberry Banana S1 produces thick branches in vegging and grows up to six feet tall. Ensure regular pruning of the larger leaves to promote uniform light distribution. Grow in organic soil or hydroponics if your indoor space allows it.

Ensure the soil is well-draining to prevent water-logging. It should also be rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Watch the pH of your growing medium closely to maximize mineral uptake by the roots.

Aim for a relative humidity of 40–50% and temperatures of 70–80°F to support optimal growth. Colder indoor temperatures may turn the leaves purple if aesthetics are your thing. Consider topping and low-stress training (LST) to manage indoor height and maximize space.

Give your plants ample light to maximize photosynthesis. This photoperiod weed strain works best with an 18/6 illumination schedule. Adjust this cycle accordingly throughout different growth phases to prevent light stress. Use fluorescent or high-intensity lamps for optimal intensity.

Adding the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques may boost your yields. Strawberry Banana S1 typically flowers in 9–10 weeks. Proper feeding and optimized watering can enhance bud quality significantly.

The average indoor yield is 16–19 oz./m2. Proper outdoor management produces an impressive harvest of 21–25 oz./plant. The ideal harvest time outdoors is early to mid-October. Indoor timing is up to you.

Cure your Strawberry Banana S1 buds post-harvest to preserve their top resin quality. Hang them upside down for about a week with 50% humidity and a temperature of 70°F.

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