You Whoo Fem


Genetics:Super Silver L.A. x Chocolope Kush

Genotype:Mostly indica

Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 15–17 oz./m²

Type: Feminized or regular

You-Whoo seeds tick all the boxes. They’re straightforward to grow, the plants are high-yielding, and the weed is out of this world. Our breeder team did it again with this DNA Genetics original.

Pairing two well-known cultivars, You-Whoo promises a well-rounded experience. Enthusiasts appreciate its depth of aroma, relaxing properties, and medicinal potential.

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Product Details

Yoo Whoo feminized cannabis seeds tick all the boxes if you’re looking for a potent and high-yielding strain. Growing these feminized seeds is straightforward, making them ideal for beginners. 

You don’t have to worry about removing pollinators. The plants are 99% female, meaning you only get smokable buds from them. With our premium seeds, you won’t get duds. We guarantee successful germination.

Buy premium Yoo Whoo feminized cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics. Learn to cultivate this indica-dominant strain for a bountiful harvest. Discover why smokers sing its praises and report therapeutic benefits.

Exceptional cannabis genetics

Yoo Whoo feminized weed seeds offer impressive outcomes for growers. Expect a garden full of gorgeous and aromatic resin-covered buds. 

Consumers enjoy a well-rounded experience, including potential relief from ailments. This indica-dominant strain offers these benefits thanks to genetics from two renowned parent cultivars: Super Silver LA and Chocolope Kush.

Super Silver LA is a hybrid with impressive calming effects. Its buds have a skunky scent with hints of lemon and lime. It’s known to offer relief from aches and mental stress.

Chocolope Kush is the offspring of Chocolope and Kosher Kush. High Times declared it the world’s seventh most potent strain in 2012. It’s sought after for its gorgeous nugs, vanilla-chocolate aroma, and heavy cerebral sensations.

Buds that delight your senses

Yoo Whoo feminized marijuana seeds produce aromatic buds with a unique blend of terpenes. The strain’s profile includes limonene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, and terpinolene.

Growers and consumers are in for a sensory treat. The dried and cured nugs have an earthy and herbal aroma. Grinding them enhances the scent.

Fruity and floral fragrances fill your room when you light up. Seasoned smokers speak of diesel, vanilla, lime, and chocolate aromas.

Expect rich and bold flavours to tickle your palate. Experience a lemon zest sensation as you inhale and a spicy aftertaste. It’s a session you won’t forget.

Out-of-this-world sensations

Yoo Whoo delivers a kick that justifies it being the world’s seventh most potent strain. It’s a fast-acting and hard-hitting indica-dominant cultivar.

As excess consumption leads to a sleepy outcome, it’s best to enjoy Yoo Whoo buds in the afternoon. The mental buzz hits first, removing negative thoughts and uplifting your mood. You feel happy and soothed, which keeps you grounded.

These effects may help people with worries, anxiety, and depression find calmness. Many medical cannabis users claim this to be true for them.

Don’t get carried away with activities before the physical impact sets in. You soon feel your body get heavy from head to toe. As your limbs relax, you might find relief from chronic pain, like migraines and arthritis.

The couch beckons, and you spend the next few hours lazing around. Soon, it’s time to head to dreamland. This strain offers significant benefits for insomniacs and people with sleep disorders.

The munchies help those with appetite loss. Prepare snacks in advance so they’re easily accessible.

Consume this strain in moderation if you’re new to weed or are sensitive to THC. Drink plenty of water when smoking Yoo Whoo, as you may experience cottonmouth. Dry eyes may also occur, but eyedrops ease the issue.

Effortless seed to bud journey

Yoo Whoo feminized seeds offer growers a hassle-free cultivation process. You have no male plants to worry about. Your all-female crops deliver the trichome-packed buds you desire with minimal care.

The most critical step in the growth process is germination. Done right, you get healthy plants that produce high yields. Use only quality seeds to maximize your results. When you buy Yoo Whoo  feminized cannabis seeds from us, you get peace of mind with a germination guarantee.

Germination is as simple as placing your seeds between two moist paper towels. Store them in a dark place and ensure they don’t dry out. Taproots usually appear in 1–5 days.

Start the process in April if growing outdoors. Ensure your plants get enough sunlight and prevent high humidity. Harvest your buds in October after 8–10 weeks of flowering. Expect to collect 15–17 oz. per outdoor plant.

Indoor cultivation is excellent if your external growing conditions aren’t ideal. Many gardeners choose this option to allow them more control over the environment.

Maintain the temperature at 21–27°C (70–80°F) throughout your plants’ development. Keep relative humidity levels at 50–60% during vegging and 40–50% in the flowering stage.

Since Yoo Whoo fem is a photoperiod strain, you need to manipulate the lighting to trigger bud production. Start with an 18/6 schedule and switch to a 12/12 cycle to signal flowering. At harvest, your crops will reward you with 15–17 oz./m2 of potent buds.

Incorporate training techniques like the Screen of Green (ScROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) to increase your yields.

This strain thrives in soil and hydroponics. Use organic soil to augment bud aroma and flavor. Loam is perfect, as it offers excellent drainage and water retention. It also has an ideal pH of 6.0–7.0.

Hydroponics stimulates plant development and improves yields. You may need to pay more to set it up, but the reward is worth it.

Whichever option you prefer, ensure your crops get enough nutrition. Use organic fertilizers with the correct NPK ratio for vegging and flowering.

Drying and curing your buds after harvest is essential. The process helps preserve their aroma and flavor and reduces mould risk. It also allows you to keep the nugs for up to two years without affecting their potency.

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