Genetics:Holy Grail Kush x Kosher Kush x RP 43’

Genotype:Mostly indica

Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 14–16 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

Are you in the mood for an easy cultivation experience and loads of indica-dominant buds? Look no further than 3Peat seeds. They deliver premium Kush genes sprinkled with sativa sweetness.

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This cultivar is a joy to grow and smoke. The plants are bushy and sturdy, resisting common cultivation pitfalls. The buds have an intricate fragrance and flavor, promising quite a sensory experience.

Our feminized 3Peat seeds contain these exclusive genetics in an easy-to-raise package. They minimize the pollination risk and ensure each plant produces smokable buds.

Keep reading to learn more about this strain’s origins, aroma, effects, and growth traits. Choose between in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department, hit the purchase button, and cultivate it at home.

An homage to premium Kush lineage

We created 3Peat seeds by crossing Kosher Kush, Holy Grail Kush, and RP 43’. The resulting strain has two award winners and one DNA Genetics’ original in its family tree. How’s that for a recipe for greatness?

Let’s meet the parents:

  • Kosher Kush is the strongest-smelling specimen of the Kush family. It won High Times’ Best Indica title twice due to its quintessential indica effects. It has high THC contents, a sleepy high, and rivers of resin on its oblong buds.
  • Holy Grail Kush combines Kosher Kush with OG Kush. It delivers the model indica high, inducing euphoria and full-body relaxation. Its sticky flowers and super aromatic smoke make it a favorite among connoisseurs.
  • RP 43’ (Richard Petty) is a first-generation strain by our expert breeders. It’s high-yielding, indica-dominant, and potent enough to take a veteran sky-high.

3Peat seeds carry predominantly indica genes. There’s just enough sativa for giggly euphoria to sweeten the couch-locking high.

A sweet-and-spicy sensory journey

Cannabis from 3Peat seeds exhibits aromatic complexity thanks to its Kush-dominant lineage. Plenty of myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool await in each bud. The resulting aroma is earthy, spicy, herbal, floral, and reminiscent of incense.

The buds are sticky and strong-smelling upon drying and curing. They emanate herbaceous scents that tickle your nose and palate. Breaking them open strengthens this aroma. You can already sense pepper, pine, and fruit in its bouquet.

Combustion makes the fragrance more prominent. The smoke is smooth and full-bodied. Earth, pine, and citrus hit your nose, carrying faint sugar and spice undertones.

The flavor mimics yet intensifies the fragrance. Earthy, pine, and wood notes fill your mouth on the inhale. The exhale has a touch of spice and overripe fruit. The aftertaste is peppery, musky, and long-lasting.

A relaxing high for nighttime therapy

Weed from 3Peat seeds powerful, indica-dominant punch. Expect plenty of THC and minimal CBD to soften the mind-and-body blow. This potent smoke is best suited for late afternoons at home.

The smoking experience begins with a head buzz and a mood uplift. The sativa hints in this indica-dominant strain make it uplifting. It also stops overwhelming sedation, at least initially.

The mental effects bring carefree joy and relaxation. Negativity remains far away, and you become fascinated by whatever’s nearby. Fits of giggles or bouts of introspection follow, depending on mood and surroundings.

Deep physical relaxation follows mental elation. You experience a warmth in the limbs and a sense of complete physical calm. Sleepiness overcomes you as you come down from the high.

Besides being a recreational blessing, 3Peat seeds are worth following in the medical marijuana community.

The potency and indica dominance may aid people with chronic pain conditions. Appetite stimulation, stress reduction, and insomnia relief arrive in a 3Peat blunt.

The cerebral effects might relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. On the physical front, lighting up could leave you more comfortable and pain-free. Most indica cultivars stimulate the appetite, helping folks with eating disorders and nausea.

Easy cultivation and abundant harvests

Our 3Peat seeds are photoperiod and feminized. These traits mean they move between life stages based on the light schedule. Once flowering begins, you get a garden of only female, bud-bearing plants.

This indica-dominant strain can grow indoors and outdoors, in soil or hydroponics. It doesn’t require much TLC to thrive, making it suitable for newbies and intermediates.

Start by germinating your 3Peat seeds indoors, no matter your preferred setup. Keep seedlings in a warm, humid room under a fluorescent bulb until the first true leaves emerge. Folks growing outdoors should perform this step in April in the Northern Hemisphere.

Pick a sunny spot with a light breeze for your outdoor garden. Use well-draining, nutrient-rich soil for the best results. Prune the excess leaves during the vegetative stage for better airflow. Feed and water your plants well to keep them growing.

Outdoor flowering begins when the days shorten in early August. Switch to bloom fertilizers and minimize stress in this stage. The plants should be harvest-ready in early October.

Indoor growers should maintain an 18/6 light schedule in vegging. Low-stress training lets you flatten the canopy and increase future yields. Feed generously and install high-intensity lamps to supercharge growth.

Keep your grow room at 70–80°F. Start seedlings at 70% humidity and gradually reduce this number as plants mature. A 50–60% ratio is perfect for vegging, and blooming plants enjoy 40–50%.

Transition to a 12/12 light schedule when plants from 3Peat seeds are half the desired final size. Flowering lasts nine weeks indoors. Curled pistils and opaque trichomes signal ripeness.

Yields are generous in either setup, reaching 14–16 ounces per square meter or 14–16 ounces per plant. The buds are sticky, so prepare two sets of trimming scissors.

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