Sour Garlic x Honey Banana


Genetics:Sour Garlic x Honey Banana


Flowering Time:9–10 weeks

Yield: High

Type: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds sound like a flavor bomb in the making: and they 100% are. This strain has one of the most intricate and mouth-watering flavors on the market.

Sativa-dominant, mid-intensity, and high-yielding, this cross is worth keeping on your radar. Whether you enjoy sativa for parties or like an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s guaranteed to please.

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This cultivar looks and grows as well as it tastes and feels. It’s relatively straightforward to raise, demanding the right climate but minimal TLC. The buds are sticky, frosty, and plentiful.

Keep reading to learn everything about this DNA Genetics’ original. Let’s discuss its genetic makeup, flavor and effect profiles, and growing requirements.

A rare genetic pairing

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds are a cross between two rare yet exceptional strains. This hybrid carries predominantly sativa genes and the top traits of its parents.

Let’s introduce the family tree:

  • Honey Banana is a hybrid with 50% indica and 50% sativa genes. It’s loved for its thick trichome coating and telltale banana scent. The moderate THC concentration and gentle, feel-good effects make it very accessible. It’s also easy to grow and high-yielding.
  • Sour Garlic combines several sativa plants from the Santa Cruz area. It smells like citrus and garlic and induces a powerful, cerebral high. It exhibits therapeutic properties, leaving you focused and stress-free.

Pairing these strains left us with a sativa-dominant goldmine of delicious aromas. It inherits Honey Banana’s trichome production and ease of growth. Sour Garlic contributes a cerebral kick, potency, and sharper notes to the bouquet.

A memorable sensory experience

Marijuana from Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds contains a complex terpene cocktail. Dominated by myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, it’s musky, sweet, spicy, and oh-so-deep.

The plants are fragrant while ripening, emanating vegetal and earthy smells. The bud aroma solidifies upon drying and curing, becoming multi-layered and permeating. It’s fruity-sweet with a zesty and savory twist.

Lighting up produces a cloud of creamy, slightly sharp smoke. It tickles the nostrils and might make your eyes water. The smoke smells like overripe fruit and piquant spices. Sensitive noses may pick up citrusy and metallic notes.

The flavor is a sweet-and-sour fusion. The taste of bananas pairs with juicy citrus notes, creating a balanced profile. Fruity and tangy notes combine on the tongue, leaving a spicy aftertaste.

A happy daytime high

Weed from Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds has an energizing effect profile. It’s suitable for daytime use, whether you plan on working, exercising, or socializing. Its mid-to-high THC level promises a powerful yet manageable experience.

The high begins as heady and melts into a harmonious, well-balanced sensation. The initial puffs cause euphoria, focus, and stress relief. Negativity leaves your mind, leaving room for giggles and creativity.

The physical sensations include energy and pain relief. Your limbs feel light and limber, making movement comfortable and desirable. The comedown is gradual and rarely leaves you sleepy.

This strain has potential therapeutic properties, especially for mental health. It may soothe anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as alleviate fatigue. There’s also slight pain and nausea relief.

Excessive doses might cause sweating, dizziness, and a heart rate spike. Smoke slowly, taking time between puffs if you’re new to weed. Stay hydrated to minimize dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Straightforward cultivation and abundant harvests

Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds develop into beautiful, moderately tall plants. They have large leaves in shades of bright green and mid-length internodes. Dense, resin-coated buds glisten with trichomes as they mature.

This strain performs best in warm, sunny outdoor conditions. It enjoys direct sunlight, ample airflow, and a lack of space restrictions. You can also get excellent results indoors, especially with a low-stress training technique.

Germinate Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds indoors, no matter where you’ll grow them. Keep the seedlings in warm indoor conditions under a fluorescent lamp. Take them outdoors or switch up the lighting once they develop fan leaves. 

Sow in well-draining, mineral-rich soil. Use soluble nutrients or stick to organic matter to enhance bud flavor. Water when the medium dries and go low on the fertilizer, as sativa is susceptible to nutrient burn.

Choose a sunny, breezy spot for your outdoor garden. Prune the large leaves from the plant base to direct energy to the most productive sections.

Flowering begins as the days shorten in early August outdoors. Protect the plants from stress and pests for the best results. Harvest in mid-October before the cold fall days begin in earnest.

Indoor cultivators should keep plants under an 18/6 light schedule during vegging. Flip to 12/12 to trigger flowering when they’re half the desired size. Install LED or HID lamps to supercharge growth.

The flowering stage is 9–10 weeks. Buds from Sour Garlic x Honey Banana seeds are amber-colored and frosty at peak maturity. The harvests are generous in both setups.

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