Honey Banana S1


Genetics:Honey Banana x Honey Banana

Genotype:Mostly Indica

Flowering Time:8–9 weeks

Yield: 16–19 oz./m2

Type: Feminized

Honey Banana S1 seeds are perfect for cannabis growers and smokers. Enjoy delicious flavors and relaxing sensations when consuming this indica-dominant cultivar.

Feminized seeds are ideal for beginner cultivators, as they don’t produce male plants. An all-female crop offers higher yields of consumable nugs. You reap a bigger stash of buds with minimal effort, making Honey Banana S1 the best value for money.

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Product Details

Only buy quality Honey Banana S1 marijuana seeds to ensure they germinate properly and develop into healthy plants. We offer premium feminized Honey Banana S1 seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department.

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The “S1” symbol stands for “selfing” or “selfed”. It refers to the process of reversing a female cannabis plant for self-pollination. Breeders turn a female mother plant into a male by stressing it. They then pollinate the plant with its own pollen to preserve its original genes.

Honey Banana S1 seeds come from two Honey Banana phenotypes with sought-after traits. This strain is potent, as it inherits its parents’ high THC levels.

This indica-dominant cultivar grows relatively fast and produces short, bushy plants with dense buds. By growing Honey Banana S1, you can reap more yields in a shorter period.

Tropical fruit flavors that tickle your taste buds

Honey Banana S1 seeds produce delicious marijuana buds. They emit a mix of banana and honey-like aromas. The accompanying gassy scent tantalizes your senses with earthy and spicy notes.

Enjoy a smooth floral flavor with hints of honey and vanilla. Savor the rich, sweet taste of tropical fruit as you puff on these nugs.

Unforgettably relaxing and soothing sensations 

This indica-heavy marijuana strain is ideal for an evening or after-work toke. It delivers deeply relaxing and soothing sensations. Feel the tension leave your body from head to toe when the effects hit.

The initial impact delivers mental euphoria, with couch-lock right around the corner. Expect to drift into a deep slumber at the end of the experience.

The strain’s relaxing sensations could help with chronic pain and nausea. People with appetite loss may benefit from the munchies. The deep relaxation might ease stress and anxiety. Honey Banana S1 is also suitable for those with sleeping problems.

Going from seed to bud is a breeze

Feminized Honey Banana S1 seeds offer a hassle-free growing experience. They develop into all-female crops. Knowing how to identify genders and remove male pollinators isn’t necessary. Enjoy maximum yields, as all your cannabis plants will produce smokable buds.

Proper germination ensures robust crops that produce bountiful yields. Use a simple germination method to sprout your weed seeds. The paper towel technique is a popular choice. 

Place your seeds between two damp paper towels and enclose them within plates. Keep them in a warm, dark spot and expect taproots to appear in 1–5 days. Transplant the seedlings into the final medium when the taproots are a quarter-inch.

Honey Banana S1 plants thrive in areas with plenty of sunlight. Cultivate them indoors to control the conditions if the outdoor environment is harsh.

Use organic matter if you grow Honey Banana S1 in soil, as it enhances the buds’ aroma and flavor. Choose a loamy substrate with a 6.0–7.0 pH level. Ensure it has excellent water retention and drainage. 

A hydroponic system promotes plant growth and improves yields. This setup is more expensive and knowledge-intensive than soil. But the benefits outweigh the cons.

Provide your crops with enough nutrients throughout their development. Ensure they get more nitrogen when vegging and additional phosphorus during flowering.

These indica-leaning plants are perfect for indoor setups, as they don’t grow too tall. Pruning their bushy foliage helps improve airflow and lighting. It also reduces moisture buildup and prevents mold problems.

Use a Sea of Green (SOG) setup to maximize yields from your growing space. This technique allows you to cultivate many small plants in a limited area.

Ensure the temperature is between 70–78°F when your crops are vegging. Maintain 68–75°F during flowering. Don’t let the space get too hot or cold, as it stunts plant growth.

Regulating the moisture level is critical to prevent mold, mildew, and bud rot issues. A relative humidity (RH) level of 45–55% is ideal for crop growth, while 35–45% is optimal for blooming plants. Lower the RH to 30% during the last two weeks before harvest.

Honey Banana S1 seeds are photoperiod and depend on a specific light cycle to flower. Maintain an 18/6 schedule during veg to stimulate robust growth. Adjust your grow lamps to provide 12 hours of darkness in bloom.

Indoor growers can reap 16–19 oz./m2 of buds after 8–9 weeks of flowering. Drying and curing your weed post-harvest is essential. Don’t expose buds to high heat when drying. Temperatures above 80°F degrade compounds, reducing the nugs’ aroma, flavor, and potency. 

Place the buds in airtight containers after drying to prevent moisture loss. Curing preserves their flavor and aroma. The process allows storage for up to two years without diminishing their potency.

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