Challah Bread


Genetics:Bakers Delight x Kosher Kush


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 16–19 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

Challah Bread seeds guarantee generous harvests and premium cannabis genetics. This indica-leaning cultivar offers easy cultivation and above-average yields.

Resinous buds with a strong aromatic blend are a defining trait of Challah Bread. Tokers gush about its stress-relieving and tranquilizing properties.

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We stock Challah Bread feminized seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department. These seeds produce bud-bearing female crops 99% of the time. Eliminate the possibility of accidental pollination from rogue males with this variant.

A rich Kush heritage

Challah Bread seeds boast incredible ancestry. They’re the product of an iconic alliance between Bakers Delight and Kosher Kush. The strain has indica-dominant, photoperiod, and feminized genetics.

Kosher Kush is a legendary award-winning indica. It combines its ruggedness and effects with the lusciousness of Bakers Delight. The result is a pungent and potent marijuana strain.

Challah Bread has 15–21% THC, while CBD levels are less than 1%. Its primary terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.

An irresistible cocktail of earthy and fruity flavors

Tokers describe Challah Bread as the epitome of aromatic magnificence. The delectable nugs have a rich flavor profile. It’s a complex mix of scents from both parents. Expect a pungent concoction of earthy, fruity, berry-like fragrances with hints of pine.

The buds grown from Challah Bread seeds are a massive treat. They taste scrumptious, bringing an earthy yet sweet sensation. The flavorsome tokes from this strain are some of the yummiest around. An aftertaste of pine and berry leaves you yearning for more.

A classic indica experience 

Challah Bread stays true to its genetics in the potency department. With both parents being mostly indica, this strain also manifests indica properties. The effects are strongly calming and sedating.

This strain is perfect for evening use. It helps you unwind after a long, rigorous day. There’s no better way to ease your mind than with this powerful cultivar. Medical consumers may find a favorite in Challah Bread. It’s shown to treat anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

The effects from Challah Bread hit fast. One or two puffs are enough to get you going. The strain immerses you in a strong state of mental and physical relaxation. Your heart rate lowers and your mind unburdens, leaving you worried about nothing.

A high yielder for all growers 

Cultivating feminized Challah Bread seeds is an easy task for growers of all levels. Avoid common pitfalls and reap healthy, bountiful harvests as your reward.

Regardless of the setting, germinate your seeds indoors before transferring the seedlings to your main setup. We recommend using the paper towel technique. It’s cheap, straightforward, and effective.

Round up the basic tools, which include paper towels, plates, tweezers, and distilled water. Follow these simple instructions to apply the technique:

  1. Prepare four towel papers and dampen them with a little water.
  2. Take two of the sheets and put them on a plate.
  3. Using tweezers, grab your Challah Bread seeds and assemble them on the plate. Create a gap of at least one inch between the marijuana seeds.
  4. Grab the other two moistened paper towels and place them over the seeds.
  5. Put the second plate over the gear, using it as a cover.
  6. Store the seeds in a humid, dark, and warm environment. 
  7. Check the weed seeds frequently and maintain their moisture levels.
  8. Your seeds should sprout and show a white taproot within 1–5 days.

As an adaptable strain, Challah Bread flourishes both outdoors and indoors. A warm environment is the best fit for outside settings. Pick a spot with a direct supply of sunlight and aeration. Create the right microclimates in controlled setups.

Soil is a low-maintenance and forgiving substrate for cannabis plants. It’s an all-natural medium that enhances their terpene profile. The best soil is well-draining, loosely textured, and compost-high.

Hydroponics ensure bigger yields, higher pest resistance, water efficiency, and faster growth. Despite these benefits, high skill and capital demand are a challenge. Consider using the relatively cheap and straightforward deep water culture (DWC) system if you want to use hydro. 

Challah Bread seeds excel under specific atmospheric levels. Maintain temperatures of 70-80°F throughout the cultivation process. The relative humidity is best at 40–60%. Ensure a pH of 5.5–6.5 in hydroponic systems and 6.0–7.0 in soil. 

As a photoperiod strain, you have to trigger the flowering phase to allow more hours of darkness. Switch from an 18/6 light-dark cycle in veg to a 12/12 schedule in bloom. 600-watt HPS and LED lamps are the most popular and efficient lighting sources.

The supply of NPK nutrients is phase-specific. Concentrate on nitrogen during the vegetative stage. Once bloom hits, focus more on phosphorus and potassium in your nutrition regimen. To avoid overwatering, use a wet-to-dry cycle to hydrate your plants.

Challah Bread crops typically grow bushy. Topping keeps them under control without affecting the quantity and quality of yields. Regular trimming and pruning also keep the plants in good shape.

Feminized Challah Bread seeds are generous producers. Their flowering phase lasts nine weeks, yielding up to 16–19 oz./m². Once most of the trichomes turn milky white, your plants are harvest-ready.

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