Chocolate Truffle Shuffle Fem


Genetics:GPK x Chocolope Kush (Gorilla Glue x Pure Kush)


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 14–16 oz./m²

Type: Regular, Feminized

C.T.S aka “Chocolate Truffle Shuffle” from DNA Genetics is a cross between GPK (Gorilla Glue x Pure Kush) x Chocolope Kush and is available in Feminized and Regular seed form in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department.

Our new Chocolate Truffle Shuffle seeds deliver all-round. They’re easy to cultivate and offer above-average yields under optimal conditions. Their premium cannabis genetics produce buds with inviting flavors and powerful sensations.

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Product Details

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle feminized seeds stem from an impressive genetic blend. These cannabis seeds are feminised, making cultivation convenient. They produce an all-female crop 99% of the time. 

This strain is an indica-leaning hybrid. Its lineage gives it an ideal combination of terpenes and compounds. It’s a top option for recreational and medicinal use. 

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle is also known as CTS. In 420 circles, it’s favoured for its unique sugary profile and hard-hitting effects. 

Buy CTS seeds in packs of various sizes at DNA Genetics. Cultivating these feminised seeds is straightforward. Explore more about this intriguing strain to make the most of your growing experience. 

CTS strain origins

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle emerged thanks to the marriage of Chocolope Kush and GPK. The cultivar descends from powerful Kush genetics. Buds from CTS typically contain 15–21% THC levels. 

Chocolope Kush is an award-winning strain. It’s a sativa-leaning hybrid that has a distinctive chocolate and vanilla scent. It also induces a heavily cerebral high. Both these elements are present in its offspring. The flavours are more subtle in CTS and blend with other sugary notes. 

GPK, on the other hand, is an indica-dominant hybrid. The cultivar is fragrant and offers calm, sedative sensations. It passes down these effects and some of its earthy kush notes. Chocolate Truffle Shuffle inherits the best traits from both parents.

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle seeds produce photoperiod plants. The main terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. 

Alluring aromas and lip-smacking decadence

During the flowering phase, CTS buds give off strong aromas. You can detect powerful scents of gas and fruit with hints of vanilla and chocolate. 

When you harvest the nugs, the fragrances intensify. Earthy scents overpower the sweeter ones. Once crushed, the blend of smells complement each other well. The intriguing aromas translate into the flavour.

When you taste the smoke, a sugary bouquet hits your tastebuds. On the inhale, sweet berry is the dominant flavour. Soon, powerful earthy notes along with chocolate and vanilla make their way to the fore.

On the exhale, the sweetness is balanced with hints of gas and fruit. The aftertaste is reminiscent of a chocolate and fruit dessert. 

A sensational experience

Some people cultivate Chocolate Truffle Shuffle feminized seeds for their effects. The strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa. All it takes is a toke or two for a hard-hitting buzz to occur. 

The experience begins with an intense cerebral high. All your troubles seem to evaporate as your mind enters a state of tranquillity and peace. In some cases, you feel hazy and euphoric. Your thoughts become positive. 

The physical aspect of the buzz doesn’t take long to follow. Once the feelings of elation settle, a warm sensation trickles down your spine. It slowly moves toward each of your limbs, softening them. 

Take this as a cue to stock up on snacks and beverages. The cultivar often induces a case of the munchies. Find a comfortable spot to settle in for the evening. Allow the tranquil sedative sensations to take effect.

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle is popular among medical users. The high THC levels and calming effects offer reported relief. Some of the medical applications that it may help with include anxiety, depression, and stress.

The terpenes play a role in these reported health advantages. Limonene is typically associated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Some people even assert that it could help treat cancer. 

Other terpenes also have unique characteristics. The combination of these traits makes the CTS strain an ideal option for medical users. 

It’s important to remember that overindulgence can lead to certain discomforts. These include dry eyes, cottonmouth, and nausea. Minimise the risk of these side effects by keeping hydrated. Having a bottle of eye drops may also be useful. 

Harvest top-tier buds

Cultivating CTS seeds is a pretty straightforward task. The cultivar is beginner-friendly and can withstand minor novice errors. 

The best way to start your seeds is by germinating them indoors. Once the roots sprout, transfer them to your preferred growing area. 

Many growers opt to cultivate their seeds in soil. It’s affordable and straightforward. Be sure to select a premium grow medium for your Chocolate Truffle Shuffle crops. 

Loamy soil is ideal and has excellent water retention properties. It also provides the roots with adequate aeration. 

These crops are resilient and flourish in versatile environments. Outdoors, they require plenty of sunlight. It’s best to provide a canopy to shield your plants from harsh weather conditions. Heavy hail or rain may damage the branches.

Some outdoor growers overcome this obstacle by planting in containers. This technique allows them to move the crops as needed. The main drawback of growing in pots is that the roots can’t expand as freely.

Indoor crops prefer warm temperatures of around 21–26°C (70–80°F). Moderate humidity levels are best. A range of 40–60% is ideal. 

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle feminized seeds grow well in soil or hydroponic setups. They don’t need much maintenance to thrive. Supplement them with moderate quantities of macronutrients for optimal results.

During the vegetative stage, offer the crops more nitrogen supplementation. Once they flip to flower, the nutrient ratio changes. They require more potassium during the final phase of the life cycle.

Chocolate Truffle Shuffle cannabis plants typically produce bountiful harvests after around nine weeks of flowering. You know they’re ready when most of the trichomes turn a stunning shade of amber. The expected yield is approximately 14–16 oz./m².

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