Recon 2.0


Genetics:LA Confidential x Cannadential

Genotype:80% Indica | 20% Sativa

Flowering Time: 8–9 weeks

Yield: 21 oz./m²

Type: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

ReCon 2.0 seeds are a source of pure cannabis bliss. This indica-dominant hybrid is a ticket to nights of happiness, rejuvenation, and tranquility.

The strain’s captivating fragrance is a symphony for the senses. Its high THC levels take down even weed veterans. Expect cerebral effects and deep physical relaxation that suit medical and recreational purposes.

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For growers, ReCon 2.0 is a challenge worth conquering. With patience and care, you’ll reap heaps of bountiful, resin-covered buds.

Created by our expert breeder team, this strain is a cult classic with legends in its family tree. Let’s explore everything it offers, beginning with its genetic equation.

A powerhouse genetic blend

ReCon 2.0 seeds are a cross between LA Confidential and Cannadential. They contain 80% indica and 20% sativa genes.

Let’s introduce the parent strains to see what they impart to their offspring:

  • LA Confidential is a powerful indica we bred many years ago. It was High Times’ strain of the year in 2006 for its frostiness, skunky aroma, and high potency. Best blazed in the evening, it promises full-body relaxation.
  • Cannadential is a balanced hybrid with high THC and decent CBD levels. Loaded with trichomes and herbal in taste, its bag appeal quickly made it a fan favorite. Its effects are stress-busting and pain-relieving, suiting any time of day.

Mixing these cultivars got us an indica-dominant strain with a sprinkle of sativa. Cannabis from ReCon 2.0 seeds maintains LA Confidential’s potency and relaxation. Cannadential contributes an herbal flavor and some medical properties.

An old-school aroma with a twist

With myrcene as its primary terpene, ReCon 2.0 delivers that classic cannabis smell. Pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and carene sweeten this aromatic deal. Expect thick smoke with an abundance of scent and taste notes to explore.

Weed plants from ReCon 2.0 seeds fill the grow space with earth-and-pine fragrances as they flower. Drying and curing removes the vegetal qualities, bringing out fruit and fuel notes.

Light up, and this strain releases plumes of permeating, eye-watering smoke. It smells primarily like cloves and wet earth. Connoisseurs catch tones of citrus, melons, mint, and diesel.

The flavor mimics the fragrance. ReCon 2.0 is earthy and musky on the inhale, with spice tickling the back of your throat. The exhale is sweet and sour, and the aftertaste tends to linger.

Happiness, relaxation, and relief

Weed from ReCon 2.0 seeds contains around 23% THC and trace levels of CBD. It delivers a heavy-hitting, long-lasting high that gradually intensifies. It’s best suited for late afternoons and evenings at home.

The effect profile is cerebral at first and more physical later. The first few puffs induce euphoria and calm racing, negative thoughts. This initial experience pairs well with content consumption, talks with friends, or creative hobbies.

The feeling slowly turns into a relaxing physical high. Your limbs soften and become heavy, and you melt into a comfortable seat. The munchies come knocking, and it’s not long before you fall into sound sleep.

ReCon 2.0 seeds are also worth growing for medical purposes. Tokers report this strain helps with nausea, insomnia, depression, and pain. It might offer temporary yet bone-deep relief.

Adverse reactions like paranoia and dizziness may follow overconsumption. Smoke in moderation, stay hydrated, and use eye drops to reduce redness.

A challenging but rewarding growing journey

Recon 2.0 seeds grow best in controlled indoor conditions. The strain is moisture-sensitive and can be tricky to raise. We suggest it to intermediate and advanced cultivators.

Start by considering the climate. Dry air makes plants wilt, and excessive moisture gets trapped in the canopy, causing mold and rot. The optimal range is 50–60% for vegging and 40–50% for flowering. The temperature should be warm but not too hot: think 70–80°F.

The plants have a classic indica structure. They’re squat and bushy, with short internodes and large fan leaves.

Those growing outdoors should sow ReCon 2.0 seeds in mid-April. Choose a sunny spot with good airflow and use well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. Prune regularly to manage dense foliage and ensure complete light exposure.

Low-stress training is excellent for indoor growing. Combined with intense LED or HID lamps, it maximizes the output of even the smallest spaces. Use an 18/6 cycle for vegging and transition to 12/12 to trigger and maintain flowering.

The flowering stage is 8–9 weeks long and very rewarding. The flowers cling in dense formations as they mature, and the pistils become rusty-red. A coating of white crystals covers the bud sites, making them hard to break apart.

Outdoor harvest time is mid-October. Indoor growers may wait for a quarter of the trichomes to turn amber. The yields are 21 ounces per square meter or plant, depending on the setup. That’s plenty of buds per compact plant!

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