Skywalker Kush Fem


Genetics:Skywalker OG x OG Kush auto

Genotype:Mostly Indica

Flowering Time:8–10 weeks

Yield: 1–1.4 oz./m2

Type: Feminized

Skywalker Kush auto seeds develop rapidly into short cannabis plants with stunning looks. Their powerhouse genetics combine the fragrant notes of OG and the potency of Kush. DNA Genetics stocks these autoflower seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department. 


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Product Details

Skywalker Kush auto seeds: A refined OG experience

These seeds favor novice and experienced growers with minimal TLC. Autoflowers adapt well to various cultivation methods but don’t settle for that. Apply top expert tips for informed growth and better-quality yields. 

Autos don’t recover quickly from mistakes, so err on the side of caution. Proper growth conditions can give you multiple harvests in a year.

Skywalker Kush auto seeds are a new 420 force to reckon with. They originate from the legendary Skywalker OG and OG Kush auto. OG strains are a classic gem highly coveted for their unique genetics and effects. They’re famous for creating some of the best weed hybrids.

OG Kush auto is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with a 19% THC content. It’s a compact strain sought after for its dense, fragrant buds. It exudes a refreshing blend of herbal, pine, and spicy flavors and aroma. Expect a euphoric high that leaves you uplifted and relaxed.

Skywalker OG is the more potent indica-heavy parent with a 20–30% THC content. Most weed enthusiasts acclaim its potentially therapeutic terpene profile. They say it relieves insomnia, stress, and chronic pain. This strain delivers one of the most euphoric and relaxing highs.

Crossing these powerhouse parents creates a potent offspring: Skywalker Kush auto. This strain inherits its ancestors’ classic indica genotypes. 

It contains about 60% indica genes, giving it a compact stature and versatile growth. It’s a feminized autoflower with excellent resilience and rapid development.

Harvest a bouquet of freshly mixed fragrance

Skywalker Kush auto seeds mature into heavily fragrant nugs. The buds ooze refreshing floral delights once you crack them open. Savor fruity and spicy scents with sweet and sour hints of lemon.

The rich flavors of Skywalker Kush auto are to die for. Experience a fresh, fruity treat accented with berry-like and herbal spice notes. You get a balance of sweet and sour tastes, which is a thing for connoisseurs.

A powerful, relaxing, and therapeutic high

Buds grown from Skywalker Kush auto seeds pack up to 23% THC and less than 2% CBD. This sky-high potency punches hard and fast. Watch your intake if you’re trying this strain for the first time.

Like most Kush strains, Skywalker Kush auto produces body-oriented effects. The first couple of puffs induce powerful physical effects. A slight mental high may soon follow. You could feel relaxed, sedated, and euphoric at the same time.

The soothing and relaxing body buzz can cause couch-lock at high doses. It’s best to clear essential tasks before enjoying the company of Skywalker Kush auto. Lighting it up in the presence of a sweet movie or TV show may induce sleep.

Its high THC could increase your appetite, so keep some snacks nearby. Hydrate enough in case of dry mouth and eyes. Medicinal users claim this strain alleviates insomnia, pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Straightforward growth, fast flowering, and top yields

Like any autoflower, prepare ahead before growing Skywalker Kush auto seeds. This cannabis variant doesn’t have enough time to recover from mistakes. Determine your cultivation medium and nutrient requirements well in advance. Set up your lights and ventilation adequately.

One of the most common mistakes with autos is transplant shocks. The slightest error in this transition can stunt your crop’s growth. Unless you have enough experience, start autoflowers in their final cultivation containers.

These cannabis seeds flourish indoors and outdoors in soil or hydroponics. Autoflowers are typically short, favoring limited indoor spaces. Choose a lightly fertilized and airy soil to prevent nutrient burn on young plants. A less compact substrate is ideal for root aeration.

Skywalker Kush auto thrives with 18–24 hours of daily light. It accommodates various types of lamps, but mostly prefers LED and HPS bulbs. Work with high-spectrum lights as they lead to better autoflower yields. Outdoor sunlight does an even better job of maximizing production.

Remember, autoflowers don’t rely on light schedule adjustments to flower. Don’t stress about the cycles too much. A fixed illumination schedule can suffice from seed to harvest.

This weed strain responds well to fimming, topping, and low-stress training (LST). The first two techniques promote the growth of extra colas or bud sites. LST supports lateral growth and light permeation in the lower plant sections. Only apply these cultivation methods to healthy plants.

Consider the sea of green (SOG) technique to maximize cultivation space and yields. Only water your plants when needed, not on a fixed schedule. The soil should dry up between irrigations. Overwatering can cause root damage, stunt growth, and lower yields.

Maintain a healthy balance of essential macro and micronutrients in different growth phases. Organic soil offers most of these minerals, minimizing your crop’s nutrient demand.

The pH of your cultivation medium determines the yield of these auto weed seeds. Before diagnosing your plants with nute deficiencies, first check the pH levels. 

A pH imbalance typically disrupts mineral availability and uptake by your crops. Aim for a pH of 6.0 in soil and around 5.5 in hydroponics for optimal yields.

Autoflowering cannabis strains require ample airflow for peak output. Supply a gentle breeze using a ventilator to keep humidity levels low. Minimal dampness prevents mold growth. Aim for moderate temperatures of 68–77°F. Extreme heat or cold can stress your crops and stunt them.

Skywalker Kush auto seeds are rapid growers under favorable conditions. They flower within 8–10 weeks and yield about 1–1.4 oz./m2.

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