Purple People Eater auto seeds


Genetics:Sweet & Sour Purple x OG Kush Auto


Flowering Time:8–9 weeks

Yield: 14–18 oz./m²

Type: Autoflower

Unlike the 1958 song it’s named after, this strain isn’t a “one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater.” The effects are uplifting, euphoric, and soothing. It has more CBD than most high THC tokes. This strain is well-balanced and popular with medicinal users.

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Product Details

Purple People Eater auto seeds are the ideal pick for purple strain lovers. The buds boast a stunning violet hue cushioned by frosty white trichomes.

Beginners can grow this cultivar, but it’s more suitable for experienced cultivators. The plants provide generous yields of potent, high-bag value buds. Shop our range of top-quality autoflower seeds, packed conveniently in different sizes.

Introducing Purple People Eater’s parents
Purple People Eater auto seeds come from two powerful parent strains. Sweet & Sour Purple and OG Kush auto pass on unique qualities to this indica-dominant cultivar.

Sweet & Sour Purple is a one-of-a-kind strain. It has a balance of energizing effects that end in a relaxing buzz. The smoke is bursting with juicy, fruity flavors and woody, spicy hints. It’s easy to grow, resilient to pests, and thrives even during temperature drops.

OG Kush auto gives Purple People Eater its autoflowering genes. The ruderalis lineage allows it to enter flowering without a light cycle change. It delivers a full-body blast like no other. The soothing effects and deep earthy aroma make it a top medicinal strain.

Inhale the berry sweet smoke
“Are you baking a cherry lime pie?” That’s what all your neighbors will ask when you grow Purple People Eater auto seeds.

During flowering, these plants produce juicy resin. It’s slathered in the fragrance of freshly picked berries. Lashings of citrus add zest to the deep, nutty undertones.

When you grind the purple nugs, it smells like homemade jam. The fragrance is sweet, fresh, and slightly spicy.

The smoke has a mild, dank scent, cradled by the sweet, fruity overtones. Light up and watch the tropical flavors come to life.

The first inhale is a party in your mouth, with notes of overripe berries and grapes. Keep puffing for hints of tart pineapple to spark your senses. Citric overtones add a bite and keep the experience light.

On the exhale, a slightly bitter and dank flavor caresses your palette like a comforting cup of green tea.

Purple People Eater has a mostly sweet flavor and fruity scent. It’s perfect for beginners who want an unintimidating smoke. Edible enthusiasts enjoy infusing its delicious resin into baked goods.

Let the Purple People Eater consume your stress
The euphoric rush of this purple monster is unlike other potent strains. The above-average CBD levels make it uplifting and electrifying. It’s powerful without sending you over the edge.

After the first few puffs, a mild uplifting buzz travels to your mind. This strain is a creeper, so the initial effects are minor.

When you least suspect it, a powerful cerebral buzz ensues. Smiling from ear to ear, you’ll enjoy the uplifting, mood-enhancing effect. The happy high fills you with inspiration. It invokes the classic creative sativa buzz.

Tackle artistic projects or underwhelming tasks. Don’t plan on checking off your whole list, though, because the sativa buzz isn’t long-lived.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Purple People Eater is mostly relaxing. It’s an ideal afternoon toke for when you need to clear tasks before spending the evening on the couch.

The cerebral buzz doesn’t die down, it transforms from a creative to a soothing effect. Purple People Eater’s true talent lies in its physical sensations.

Gentle waves trickle down your temples, relieving tension and soothing frown lines. Once your mind is clear and relaxed, the full-body buzz ensues. Soothing sensations ripple down your spine. It relieves soreness and stiff muscles like a masseuse.

As the effects fade, the indica buzz takes full control. Purple People Eater swallows you whole, enveloping you in its warm, tranquil embrace. It cradles you into a deep slumber and relieves stress.

Medicinal users employ this strain for various ailments. The deeply relaxing effects could be beneficial for insomnia, chronic stress, and pain. People with mood disorders like depression may find relief in the uplifting buzz.

Advice for growing Purple People Eater auto seeds
Purple People Eater auto seeds are relatively easy to grow. However, cultivators require experience to get the stunning violet hue. Beginners can successfully grow these autoflowering seeds with the correct techniques.

As autoflower plants, they enter flowering without a light cycle change. They’re moderately sized and flower fast. This short period leaves you with less time to fix errors before blooming begins.

The indica genetics make these plants grow on the bushy side. Use low-stress training (LST) techniques to even out the canopy. It helps make branches more accessible for trimming. While this strain is resistant to pests, it can be prone to mold because of the lush foliage.

Opt for soil-based mediums to enhance the fruity flavor. Flush the plants two weeks before harvesting. This step helps remove the taste of fertilizer or other additives.

The tricky part of growing this strain is attaining the purple hue. Only certain cultivars possess anthocyanins, pigments that give cannabis plants their violet color.

Drop the temperatures by 31–59°F toward the end of flowering. This step breaks down chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color. The colder climate promotes the development of anthocyanins.

The flowering phase is around 8–9 weeks. Outdoor cultivators can expect big harvests of 15–20 oz./plant. Indoor growers can expect 14–18 oz./m².

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