Chocolope 256 Fem


Genetics:Lemon Skunk 256 (Emerald Cup Winning Cut ) x Chocolope

Genotype:Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time:9 Weeks

Yield: 12–14 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

We sell regular and feminized seeds in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 and for more than 20 please contact our wholesale department.

Buds from Chocolope 256 seeds deliver a dessert-like toke with energizing effects. This incredible sativa-heavy strain boasts high THC levels. With an award-winning lineage, you can’t go wrong with this cultivar.

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Product Details

Feminized seeds produce female crops 99% of the time. Regular seeds produce male and female plants, making them an ideal choice for breeding..

History of an award-winning offspring

DNA Genetics bred Chocolope and Lemon Skunk to create Chocolope 256. Lemon Skunk is an Emerald Winning Cut, so its child is an epic toke.

Chocolope 256 seeds come in both feminized and regular variants. Choose which type is best for you: whether you want all female plants or if you aim to breed your own strains.

This cultivar has 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. We can glean from the parent strains that Chocolope 256 has around 19% THC and negligible amounts of CBD. Chocolope’s primary terpenes are myrcene, with beta-caryophyllene and limonene as secondaries.

Like a delicious chocolate dessert

Chocolope 256 seeds grow into buds with a distinct flavor. Expect to taste tangy citrus fruits when consuming this strain. This cultivar is for you if you love decadent chocolate cakes with nutty aftertastes.

The Chocolope 256 nugs smell like musky, dank earth. Enjoy coffee and chocolate scents with hints of sweet vanilla. The delicious buds also give off a subtle whiff of chestnut.

Chocolope 256’s potential primary terpene myrcene brings about earthy and musky flavors. Beta-caryophyllene promotes woody and spicy aromas. Limonene adds tangy citrus scents to the mix.

Get ready for an energizing trip

The first thing you notice when consuming Chocolope 256 is the energizing effects. This strain’s sativa-heavy genetics promote euphoria and excitement for the day.

Grab a pencil or paintbrush, as Chocolope 256 has you feeling more creative than usual. You have a smile plastered as you become happy and uplifted. This strain is the best for a wake-and-bake, preparing you for the day ahead.

The high doesn’t last too long, and you soon feel yourself coming down. Enjoy clear-headed bliss and pure tranquility. You’re left feeling optimistic and ready for anything that comes your way.

This strain provides potential medicinal benefits. You may feel an ease in joint pains and muscle spasms. Some users claim Chocolope 256 might relieve headaches, migraines, and nausea. You may find a greater appetite, helping with not wanting to eat.

Chocolope 256 has impressive THC levels, so it’s a favorite of experienced consumers. Beginners may find the strain too strong, so they need to consume in moderation. You may experience mild anxiety and paranoia if you aren’t used to potent THC effects.

Growing requirements and yield of Chocolope 256 seeds

Start by germinating your Chocolope 256 seeds. We recommend the well-known paper towel method that produces the best results.

Lightly moisten a paper towel with some water. Set the napkin on a plate and place your cannabis seeds an inch apart. Place a second sheet on top, spraying it with liquid as well. Keep your set-up in a dark, warm area like a kitchen cupboard.

Check your marijuana seeds daily. They should sprout taproots after 1–5 days, sometimes up to a week. Give them time, as some seeds need more time to pop.

Chocolope 256 is a straightforward strain to cultivate. Plant the seedlings in well-ventilated areas to prevent mold and mildew. Keep your crops in a warm place with plenty of sunlight.

This strain grows best indoors, but you can also cultivate it in a natural environment. Beginners have an easier time keeping their Chocolope 256 plants inside.

You can grow Chocolope 256 cannabis plants in hydro and soil. Experts opt for hydroponics as it can be a tricky route. The earth medium is a more natural substrate, easier for beginners.

Judging by the parent strain requirements, provide temperatures of 70–85°F. Keep a relative humidity (RH) of 50–70%.

Use 600-watt LED, HPS, or MH grow bulbs. Fluorescent lamps work well, too. Keep enough space between the lights and your plants to prevent burning the leaves. Chocolope 256 is photoperiod, so the crops rely on an illumination change to flower.

Provide your cannabis plants with an 18/6 lighting schedule when vegging. Switch to a 12/12 cycle once they’re ready to flower.

These marijuana plants grow well with light training. Prune away dead or dying leaves to allow efficient nutrient absorption. Ensure the lower branches have enough light and airflow.

Feeding your Chocolope 256 cannabis plant is a vital practice. These crops thrive with a balanced NPK ratio. Provide enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Opt for adding iron, zinc, or magnesium for extra health benefits.

When growing in soil, opt for biochar, fish meal, or generalized marijuana fertilizer. Providing enough supplements ensures the health of your Chocolope 245 marijuana plants.

Chocolope 256 flowers in 9 weeks. When growing indoors, expect yields of 12–14 oz./m². According to information from the parent strain, outdoor harvests produce 35 oz./plant. These plants reach about 6 feet tall.


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5, 10, 15, 20