Blue Dream Feminized


Genetics:Blueberry x Haze #1


Flowering Time:8–10 weeks

Yield: 4–24 oz./m²

Type: Feminized

Experience California’s most prized possessions. The buds from Blue Dream seeds are easy to grow and delicious, providing balanced, enticing effects.

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Product Details

Blue Dream seeds flourish into resilient, low-maintenance plants that produce high yields. The buds carry delectable sugary and fruity flavors and provide unforgettable effects.

Enjoy dreamy sensations that calm you while keeping you focused and clear-headed. The medical community also benefits from the strain’s therapeutic qualities.

Get ready for an award-winning experience with Blue Dream from DNA Genetics. Find seed packs ranging from 3 to 100 depending on your cultivation needs. A high-quality, rewarding growing journey awaits you.

A heavenly blend of Californian greatness

Breeders took two renowned strains, Blueberry x Haze #1, to create Blue Dream seeds. They grow into sativa-dominant plants that possess the best traits of both parents.

Blueberry is a cross of Afghani, Purple Thai, and another sativa Thai. The indica-dominant buds exude notes of blueberries, pine, and creamy vanilla. A few puffs leave you relaxed for hours without feeling couch-locked. The same blissful feelings echo when you toke Blue Dream.

Haze #1 is a Californian treasure blending spicy, citrus flavors and earthy undertones. The sativa-dominant buds provide an energetic cerebral buzz. Blue Dream gives you a similar high, transitioning into euphoric and creative effects.

This strain emerged in California in around 2003, making it a veteran superstar. It has its roots as a medicinal strain but has become a global bestseller. The 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup awarded Blue Dream 2nd place for “Best Medical Sativa.”

The multi-layered taste of a summer vacation

You first notice the scent of summer berries and vanilla when Blue Dream seeds flower. The plants boast dark blue colors that indicate their quality and potency.

The genetics shine through, with Haze’s earthiness and Blueberry’s sweet fruitiness. A pleasant mango and herb blend finishes the full aroma profile.

Sweet blueberry flavors treat your tongue once you take the first puff. Many users have described it as a gentle and flavorful smoke. 

Mild herbs and spices complement the fruity notes, making a well-rounded taste experience. The inhale is smooth on the throat, appealing to sweet and savory preferences alike. 

The buds from Blue Dream seeds possess impressive terpene profiles, starting with pinene. It provides a fruity pine flavor and tropical sweetness. Caryophyllene delivers spicy notes, while myrcene balances the taste with herbal nuances.

A dreamy physical and mental balance

Blue Dream continues boasting its worldwide popularity when you consume it. The sativa dominance shines through first, giving you a mental and physical boost. You feel enhanced moods and energy that awaken your mind and inspire productivity.

Blue Dream seeds mature with a THC content of 17–24%. The buds are ideal for veterans but not overwhelming for beginners. You experience a balance of subtle euphoria that mellows out the initial buzz. It helps you stay focused and energized without feeling on edge or jittery.

Transport your mind to an exotic paradise as you feel relaxation wash over you. Creative individuals claim it helps them clear their minds and brainstorm new ideas.

Blue Dream gained popularity for being a medicinal strain. Below are five potential therapeutic benefits it could provide.

  • Pain relief. Blue Dream may help ease discomfort from acute or chronic conditions. Its soothing effects could relax muscles and joints, reducing inflammation. 
  • Less fatigue and increased focus. The buds from Blue Dream seeds provide an energy boost initially. This effect might help users struggling with intense tiredness. It could increase focus and combat that midday slump. 
  • Reduced stress. The strain might boost moods and ease feelings of anxiety and restlessness. Increased focus and full-body relaxation may also inspire more positive thought calibration.
  • Appetite stimulation. Some users report increased hunger after consuming Blue Dream. This effect may benefit those experiencing appetite loss from medication or chemotherapy treatments.
  • Insomnia relief. The strain’s effects evolve into full-body relaxation and contentment. They may benefit those struggling to fall asleep. Time your consumption right to avoid lying in bed with the initial energy boost.

Adverse effects are uncommon, but it’s best for those with a low tolerance to keep doses low. More puffs could cause anxiety, paranoia, or dizziness. Some may experience dry mouth and eyes, but drinking water and using eye drops can combat them.


Get excellent yields in the right environment

Blue Dream seeds are a pleasure to grow, with the plants thriving in warmer environments. Cultivating an indoor or outdoor harvest is possible, but the former is preferable. It gives you more control over the conditions for better results.

Below are six tips for growing Blue Dream seeds inside.

  • Prepare the environment with 72–78°F temperatures and 30–50% relative humidity (RH). Ensure your space has enough vertical and horizontal width to accommodate the plants. Keep your seedlings in these conditions until the vegetative stage.
  • Start trimming and training your plants in the second or third week of vegging. A Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup is best, as it lets you weave the branches through a mesh. This approach increases light distribution and may boost yields.
  • Increase the RH to 55–60% and maintain temperatures of 68–80°F. Make the environment 7–9°F cooler at night.
  • Give your plants marijuana fertilizer with ideal NPK nutrients for each growth stage.
  • Blue Dream seeds grow into photoperiod plants. Give them at least 18 hours of light daily during the vegetative stage. Change this to 12 hours dark/12 hours illumination to trigger flowering.
  • Lower the RH to around 40% and make the temperatures 80–85°F during flowering. Reduce the RH to 30% near harvest time.

You may grow your crops outside in a stable Mediterranean climate. Use nutrient-rich soil and ensure you have pest control in place.

Blue Dream seeds flower for 8–10 weeks indoors, providing 14–24 oz./m². Sow them outside in April to harvest in mid-October. Expect a healthy yield of 14–21 oz./plant.

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