You Whoo Reg


Genetics:Super Silver L.A. x Chocolope Kush


Flowering Time:9 weeks

Yield: 15–17 oz./m²

Type: Feminized or Regular

You-Whoo seeds tick all the boxes. They’re straightforward to grow, the plants are high-yielding, and the weed is out of this world. Our breeder team did it again with this DNA Genetics original.

Pairing two well-known cultivars, You-Whoo promises a well-rounded experience. Enthusiasts appreciate its depth of aroma, relaxing properties, and medicinal potential.

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We stock regular and feminized You-Whoo seeds. The former is ideal for breeders and folks looking to build a seed stash at home. The latter suits most growers for smoking purposes. It minimizes pollination risk and maximizes bud output.

Keep reading to discover this strain’s origin, aroma, effects, and growth traits. Choose among our five seed pack sizes for all ambition levels and shop today.

A sativa-infused indica sensation

You-Whoo seeds contain predominantly indica genetics. They’re a cross between Super Silver L.A. and Chocolope Kush, both superstars in their own right. Let’s check out the parent strains to understand their offspring:

  • Super Silver L.A. is a hybrid known for its calming effects. Its trichome-packed buds have a skunky aroma with hints of lemon and lime. Folks smoke it to soothe physical pains and mental stress.


  • Chocolope Kush is a sativa-dominant cross between Chocolope and Kosher Kush. It’s the seventh strongest strain in the world. Its crystal-coated nugs, vanilla-chocolate smell, and heavy cerebral high make it sought-after.

We bred our You-Whoo seeds for indica dominance but kept some sativa genes. The strain delivers a happy high while remaining suitable for after-work relaxation.

Our genetic experimentation also helped us improve on the growth traits. Indica tends to be easier to raise and resin-richer, and we achieved both with this cultivar. It’s more accessible, pleasant, and even tastier than its predecessors.

A sweet-and-musky flavor symphony

You-Whoo seeds produce buds with a complex terpene cocktail. It’s dominated by limonene, myrcene, and linalool. Hints of caryophyllene and terpinolene deepen the sensory experience. This blend combines floral and herbal notes against an earthy, kerosene-like background.

Dried and cured flowers smell like earth and herbs. The aroma becomes sharp and heavy as you grind them. Lighting up brings out its gentler notes, filling your space with fruit and flower scents.

This smoke is thick, full-bodied, and sometimes eye-watering. Connoisseurs detect diesel, musk, lime, vanilla, and chocolate undertones.

The flavor profile of marijuana from You-Whoo seeds is equally rich and bold. Zesty lemon-lime accents tickle your palate as you inhale. Sweet, creamy, and musky tastes linger on the exhale. A peppery kick spices things up and dominates the aftertaste.

A balanced, feel-good effect profile

Given its origin, it’s no wonder weed from You-Whoo seeds carries considerable potency. It’s fast-acting and heavy-hitting. Its combined indica and sativa effects make the high manageable. Best consumed in the afternoon, it uplifts your spirits and soothes your system.

The head high arrives first, clearing negativity from your mental space. It leaves you buzzy, happy, and eager to engage in a hobby. A calm sensation underpins this uplift, ensuring you don’t bounce against the walls.

It’s not long before the physical effects arrive. Your limbs become heavy, and warmth spreads through your center. The allure of a comfortable seat gets too strong to resist. The following few hours are spent in blissful tranquility.

The comedown is gentle and sleepy. Tokers tend to call it a night as THC leaves their bloodstream.

You-Whoo seeds are also a valuable purchase for medical users. This cultivar may relieve mental and physical discomfort without excessive sedation.

The strain’s sativa side might fight anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms. The indica effects soothe acute and chronic pain, like arthritis, migraines, and injuries. There’s an appetite boost to help you eat in the face of nausea.

Easy-breezy growing & breeding

Our You-Whoo seeds arrive in regular and feminized variants. Both are photoperiodic, flowering when the days shorten. You can either keep a female, bud-bearing garden or get both sexes for breeding.

The seedling and vegetative stages are the same in both cases. The plants thrive indoors and out, growing well in soil or hydroponics. Pick a sunny, breezy spot with low humidity, and you’re good to go.

Germinate your You-Whoo seeds in April for an outdoor garden. Take the seedlings outdoors after the last spring frost. Prune the excess foliage during vegging and feed plants a high-quality nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Flowering starts in early August. Transition to potassium and phosphorus-heavy nutrients and minimize stress during this stage. Flowering takes around two months, the plants reaching peak ripeness in October.

Aspiring breeders should isolate male plants and collect pollen in controlled conditions. Place it on the best-performing females to preserve the optimal phenotype. The remaining females yield seedless buds for smoking purposes.

Prioritize light intensity indoors. Keep germinated You-Whoo seeds under fluorescent bulbs until they develop serrated leaves. Switch to LED or HID lamps in vegging.

Maintain an 18/6 light schedule until the plants are half the final size. Transition to a 12/12 cycle to trigger and maintain flowering.

Keep your space at 70–80°F throughout the growing journey. Relative humidity of 50–60% is ideal for vegging, while 40–50% suits flowering. A low-stress training technique may increase your yields.

Flowering is nine weeks long indoors. Wait until about 25% of the trichomes turn amber before harvesting.

The yields are generous in both setups. Expect 15–17 ounces of sticky weed per square meter (indoors) or 15–17 ounces per plant (outdoors).

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