Cannabis Seeds vs Clones: Which are Better?

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Posted on 26-4-2024

cannabis seeds vs clones

In cannabis cultivation, the primary goal is to grow top-quality plants with potent effects. And there’s more than one way to achieve this, often leading growers to the dilemma: seeds vs clones.

Both options offer the potential to grow robust and bud-rich plants. But they also come with unique characteristics that make them more or less suitable for your needs.

Which option should you choose? How will your decision affect your harvests?

We hear you.

Below is an in-depth overview of cannabis seeds vs clones. After reading this article, you’ll feel more confident determining whether weed seeds or clones best suit your cultivation goals.

What Are Cannabis Seeds and Clones?

Cannabis seeds come from female cannabis plants that produce them during the flowering stage. Just like any other plant, you can use them to grow mature cannabis plants.

Cannabis clones, also called cuttings, are pieces of a cannabis plant that can be used to grow a new plant. Their name, “clone”, reflects that these plants possess identical DNA to the mother plant—a notable distinction from growing cannabis from seeds.

Understanding Cannabis Genetics: Seeds vs Clones

To understand crucial genetic differences between cannabis seeds vs clones, it’s essential to look at the cannabis genotype and phenotype.

AspectCannabis genotypeCannabis phenotype
DefinitionGenetic profile of plantObservable traits of plant (e.g., height, leaf shape, flower color)
Determining factorsParental geneticsParental genetics and environmental factors
ConsistencyConsistent across generationsNon-consistent—depends on environmental conditions
Influence on PlantDescribes potential observable traitsDetermines the actual observable traits

These help you decide whether you want to grow plants with diverse characteristics or ones that precisely mirror those of their parent plant:

  • Each seed has its own DNA (genotype), resulting in plants with varying traits (phenotypes).
  • Clones inherit the parent plant’s identical DNA (genotype), and all grow into plants with the same traits (phenotypes).

Growing Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis from seeds is often referred to as the natural approach, and there are three main types of cannabis seeds available: 

  1. Feminized
  2. Regular
  3. Autoflower

Regardless of their specific types, they all have universal advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Seeds

You get numerous benefits when cultivating cannabis from seeds.

Genetic diversity

Since each seed contains distinct genetic information, they provide a wide range of characteristics for you to breed and experiment with. 

Healthy plants

You know the saying that everything natural is healthier? The same holds for cannabis grown from seeds. These plants are more nutritious and often yield larger harvests compared to clones. This is because they develop stronger root systems and more efficient nutrient absorption from the soil.

Fresh start

Seeds from reputable providers enable you to start cultivating confidently, assured that your plants originate from strong genetic backgrounds and will produce potent yields.

Disadvantages of Seeds

Besides benefits, cannabis seeds also have a few challenges.

Slower cultivation

Seeds take longer to grow than clones simply because they start from seed. Typically, it takes them a couple of days to emerge from the soil, followed by an additional few days and then weeks for the plant to begin developing further.

Different genetics

While each seed’s unique DNA can be beneficial, it can also pose a challenge if you desire uniformity among your plants. Because of their distinct phenotypes, seeds from the same plant may result in plants with varying effects, aromas, and yield capacities. 

Growing Cannabis Clones

Clones also come with their share of pros and cons. 

Advantages of Clones

They shine in the following areas.

Fast growth

The cannabis clone is already germinated and just needs to take root. This fast growth also means a quicker harvest.

Identical genetics

Clones offer a clear picture of how the mature plant will develop. When you buy a cutting from a healthy, high-yielding plant, you can be sure your clone will grow to be just like its parent.

All females

Cutting from a female plant ensures that you’ll get a female plant. There’s no need to check for plant genders or concern yourself with pollination issues.

Disadvantages of Clones

Aspects where clones fall short include their delicacy and vulnerability to inheriting undesirable genetics.

Delicate cultivation

You have to handle clones with extreme care, especially during the initial days of cultivation. They require optimal humidity levels and precise, consistent temperatures, which might necessitate a separate growing space if you’re cultivating other plants simultaneously.

Undesirable traits

As exact replicas of their mother plants, clones inherit all traits, including the negative ones. That’s why selecting high-quality mother plants is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Steps for Cloning Cannabis Plants

Here are six crucial steps:

  1. Find a mature and healthy mother plant.
  2. Take a branch and carefully slice it 4–6 inches long diagonally.
  3. Trim away lower leaves from the cutting.
  4. Plant the cutting securely into a rooting medium.
  5. Place the planted cutting in a warm and humid environment.
  6. When roots have developed, move your clones into the designated growing space.

Top 6 Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds and Clones

Once you’ve resolved the seeds vs clones dilemma and begun cultivating, provide adequate care to maximize your plants’ potential.

1. Select proper genetics

Choose seeds or mother plants that have the traits you want in your plants. Seek out trustworthy suppliers and ensure you get reliable, disease-free specimens.

2. Provide proper nutrition

Consult your providers or check the package for information on your plant’s nutritional requirements, and make sure it receives the minerals and vitamins necessary for growth.

3. Start fertilizing at the appropriate time

Wait to fertilize your plants until the first leaves start emerging.

4. Maximize light exposure

Provide your cannabis plants with plenty of light. Indoors, invest in suitable lighting, and outdoors, choose a sunny spot.

5. Maintain optimum temperature and pH levels

Most cannabis thrive in temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F and prefer soil with pH levels from 5.5 to 6.5. *Review the instructions for the appropriate accommodations during each stage of your plant’s development.

6. Water regularly

Water your plants whenever the soil about an inch below the surface feels dry.

7. Monitor and tend to your plants.

Keep an eye out for the potential emergence of diseases and pests, and ensure cleanliness in the growing areas.

Cannabis Seeds vs Clones: Final Verdict

Both seeds and clones have the potential to produce impressive yields, each with its ideal applications. That’s why it’s best to base your final choice on your specific needs and preferences.

  • If you want to experiment with various flavors and effects, seeds are a great option. They’re also more resilient, making them perfect for beginners in cannabis cultivation.
  • Clones may be the best choice if you’re aiming to duplicate particular plant traits or accelerate the growing process.

Regardless of your decision about seeds vs clones, it’s essential to seek providers with a proven track record of quality and reliability.

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