Autoflower vs Feminized Seeds: Everything You Need to Know

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Posted on 29-4-2024

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Not too long ago, growers had a limited selection of cannabis seeds to choose from. It was challenging to find ones with specific traits and effects.

Fast forward to today, and the cannabis market looks much different. There are hundreds of seed varieties, offering multitudes of flavors, benefits, and development patterns.

But with so many options, growers now face new challenges. One of the most common is the dilemma of autoflower vs feminized seeds.

And it exists for good reason.

Autoflower and feminized are different flowering types that impact your cultivation significantly. You want to opt for the one that best aligns with your desired growth process and results.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds’ Flowering Types 

Flowering is the phase when cannabis plants start bud production. This process varies among plants, and there are three main types of cannabis seeds according to their flowering: Regular, Autoflower, and Feminized.

Regulars are classic cannabis seeds coming straight from nature. Their flowering cycle depends on the duration of daylight hours, and they yield both male and female plants. 

Autoflower and feminized seeds are the outcomes of deliberate breeding processes, specializing them for specific cultivation goals.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds are a blend of tps://”>sativa or indica strains and ruderalis—a type of cannabis that thrives in regions with cold climates and long daylight periods.

As such, autos function differently than traditional cannabis plants. 

Instead of requiring 18/6 or 12/12 light schedules, they have “internal clocks” that trigger flowering approximately five weeks after germination, irrespective of the light cycle.

Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

Since first entering the market in the 2000s, autoflowering seeds have undergone continuous refinement, steadily expanding their fan base.

Here are some prominent benefits that have kept them at the top over the years.

Light independency

Autoflower seeds are perfect for beginners since they remove the hassle of balancing light and dark periods.

Compact in size

These seeds develop in compact plants ideal for cultivation in both indoor and outdoor settings, requiring minimal space.

Rapid growth

With autoflowers, you get to enjoy the results of your efforts in just a few weeks (typically within 8–10 weeks). This also means you can have multiple harvests throughout the year.

Challenges of Autoflower Seeds

Growing autoflowering marijuana seeds can pose some challenges too.

Smaller yields

Autoflowering strains are smaller in size, which can result in smaller yields.

Limited time

Fast growth can also present challenges because it leaves little time to correct any cultivation errors.

Difficult to clone

Autoflowering plants have a shorter vegetative stage, limiting the opportunity to take healthy cuttings before the plant transitions to the flowering phase. 

Top 3 Autoflowering Strains from DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics’ high-quality autoflower seeds feature diverse aromas and effects.

The top three include:

  1. DNA Cake Auto
  2. The Big Mac Auto
  3. Macnana Auto Seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds develop exclusively into bud-producing plants. They are “born” from two female plants—one is treated with chemicals to induce pollen production, which is then used to fertilize another female plant.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Here are the main reasons to consider growing feminized cannabis seeds.

Larger yields

Plants grown from feminized seeds are usually larger, resulting in more flowers and higher yields.

Female plants only

Feminized seeds develop in female plants with 99.9% accuracy. This eliminates the risk of cross-pollination and guarantees that all your plants will produce buds.

Cannabinoid consistency

When carefully bred and sourced from reputable seed providers, feminized seeds offer consistent levels of cannabinoids. Your plants will produce uniform, cannabinoid-rich flowers.

Challenges of Feminized Seeds

And here are a few challenges you should be aware of.

Potential genetic fragility

Since these seeds are primarily bred for rich bud production, they often exhibit limited genetic diversity. This can make them more vulnerable to diseases and environmental stressors.

Hermaphroditism risk

Feminized seeds may result in hermaphroditic plants, threatening the quality of your yield. The best method to avoid such a scenario is to get seeds from reputable sources.


You can’t use feminized seeds to breed new strains as they are all females.

Top 3 Feminized Strains from DNA Genetics

Check out DNA Genetics’ selection of reliable, top-selling feminized strains:

  1. Chocolope Fem
  2. Kosher Kush Fem
  3. Strawberry Banana S1

Autoflower vs Feminized Seeds: Main Differences

A complete autoflower vs feminized seeds and plants overview:

AspectAutoflower strainsFeminized strainsGeneticsBlend of indica or sativa strains with ruderalis
FloweringDoesn’t require light adjustments, typically lasts within 8–10 weeksRequires manual light adjustment, typically lasts within 8–12 weeksHarvests per yearCan have multiple, regardless of whether grown inside or outsideCan have multiple when grown inside, may be limited to one harvest annually when grown outside
YieldGenerally smallerGenerally largerMorphologyShort and compact
Can have multiple, regardless of whether grown inside or outsideCan have multiple when grown inside, may be limited to one harvest annually when grown outside
YieldGenerally smallerGenerally larger
MorphologyShort and compactCan vary in height and shape

How to Grow Autoflower Strains?

If your choice between autoflower vs feminized seeds leads you to autoflowers, here are some expert tips to get the most from them.

  • Although autoflowering strains don’t need light adjustment, proper lighting is crucial. Indoors, maintain an 18/6 light cycle or provide continuous light for 24 hours. Outdoors, ensure they receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Use nutrient solutions carefully, as autos can be sensitive to excess feeding.
  • Prune your plants minimally, especially during the vegetative stage.
  • Monitor plants’ development closely, as they’ll be ready for harvest in just 8–10 weeks.

How to Grow Feminized Strains?

If you choose feminized seeds, the following advice can assist you in growing healthy and potent plants.

  • Indoors, adjust light schedules to mimic natural cycles (18/6 or 12/12). Outdoors, choose a location with a minimum of six hours of sun exposure.
  • Adjust nutrient levels to the specific needs of your feminized seeds and plants.
  • Trim your plants to eliminate dead or damaged leaves or branches, and manage their height.
  • Inspect regularly for signs of diseases and pests.
  • Monitor the trichomes carefully. It’s time to harvest when they become cloudy or amber-colored.

Autoflower vs Feminized: Which Should You Grow?

It all comes down to your specific needs and circumstances.

If you’re new to growing cannabis or seek quick results, autoflowers are a great option. They’re also perfect for limited space because they’re smaller to medium in size. Choose feminized seeds for maximum yield in a single harvest.

Regardless of your decision about autoflower vs feminized seeds, there are important considerations. With autos, be mindful of their short growth cycle and monitor soil nutrients carefully. When growing feminized seeds, pay attention to necessary changes in the light cycle.

Lastly, always prioritize the quality of your seeds. Opt for resilient and healthy strains to ensure successful development and abundant harvests. 

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