An In-Depth Guide to the Types of Cannabis Seeds

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Posted on 18-4-2024

Cannabis Seeds

Even a slight glance into the world of cannabis reveals many types of cannabis seeds—each promising unique traits and benefits. In fact, there are hundreds of them, and choosing the proper kinds can make or break your cultivation.

These tiny gems are crucial in shaping your plants’ flavor, effects, and growth conditions.

Here, we share expert insights on the main types of cannabis seeds to help you select and grow the right ones.

Short History of Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis has intrigued humans for millennia. From ancient Asian shamans to European sailors relying on hemp riggings, its influence spans continents and centuries. In America, early colonists depended on hemp for textiles and ropes, even demanding its cultivation in some colonies.

Beyond practical uses, civilizations have cultivated cannabis for its psychoactive and medicinal properties, too. But these efforts haven’t always been welcomed with open arms. Thankfully, despite harsh persecutions, especially in the 1970s, the tradition has persisted.

Today, we witness more countries legalizing marijuana, leading to countless types of cannabis seeds being grown and used for industry, leisure, and healing.

How Cannabis Seeds are Classified

Weed seeds may seem similar at first, but the plants they become are a whole different story. From tall to bushy, high-THC to CBD-rich, the variety is immense. And that’s precisely why it’s crucial to understand which seed leads to which plant.

How do you tell them apart?

Just like with roses or tomatoes, there are classifications to help you differentiate types of cannabis seeds and select those that best suit your needs.

The following is the most general classification based on:

  • Genetics
  • Flowering
  • Sex

Main Types of Cannabis Seeds Based on Plant Genetics

When discussing marijuana seeds’ genetics, we’re talking about their DNA. This is the blueprint for all aspects of a specific cannabis variety—what does a weed seed look like, how the plant tastes, what cannabinoid levels are, and various other factors that shape the plant’s effects and your harvest outcomes.

Based on their DNA, there are three main types of cannabis seeds: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid seeds.

Indica Seeds

Indica seeds develop into plants with dark green, broad leaves and bushy structures. They are CBD-rich, providing relaxing highs beneficial for anxiety and insomnia.

Their small size, minimal space requirements, and rapid eight-week flowering cycle make Indicas perfect for beginner growers. Ideal growing conditions include moderate temperatures, low humidity, and well-draining soil. 

Sativa Seeds

Sativa seeds prefer warm temperatures, a lot of light, and nitrogen-rich soil. They grow tall with narrow, light green leaves and have longer flowering cycles of about 10–16 weeks. 

Sativas usually have higher THC than CBD levels, delivering stimulating and uplifting effects. As such, they’re often used to treat conditions like depression and ADHD.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds combine the best of both worlds, blending the genetics of Indica and Sativa strains. Since they inherit traits from two different types of cannabis seeds, hybrids offer potent benefits, including uniquely mixed effects, better yield potential, and higher plant resilience.

Top five Hybrid strains from DNA Genetics:

  1. GG4
  2. Auto Bahn
  3. White Widow
  4. Honey Banana
  5. DNA Cake Auto 

Seed Types Based on Flowering Type

Flowering refers to the stage when cannabis plants start producing buds, and different types of cannabis seeds have varying flowering cycles. Understanding specific flowering patterns lets you predict harvest timing and get the most from your seeds.

According to their flowering, there are four main types of cannabis seeds: Regular, Feminized, Autoflowering, and CBD seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are nature’s original marijuana seeds. They can grow into female plants, responsible for producing flowers, and male plants, which produce pollen.

If you aim to harvest seeds, allow male and female weed seeds to grow together to pollinate and reproduce. For seedless flowers, separate them before flowering. 

Feminized Seeds 

As their name suggests, feminized seeds are exclusively female, ensuring nearly a 100% guarantee of female crops. To produce feminized seeds, female plants are treated with chemicals that trick them into producing pollen, which is then used to pollinate other females.


  • Female plants only
  • Consistent and potent harvests
  • Reduced risk of accidental pollination
  • No need to identify and remove male plants

Autoflowering Seeds

Typical cannabis plants undergo two primary stages: the vegetative and flowering phases, usually triggered by a change in the light schedule. Autoflowers operate differently. They automatically transition into the flowering phase around five weeks after germination, regardless of the light cycle.


Autoflowering seeds grow rapidly and are resilient, thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments. You also don’t need to worry about managing equal dark and light exposure. Autoflowers have “internal clocks” that initiate bud production regardless of light conditions.


These seeds tend to produce smaller harvests because of their compact size and short flowering periods. Another potential issue is that rapid growth leaves little room to recover from any errors in cultivation.

CBD Seeds

CBD seeds are types of cannabis seeds that have high CBD and low THC content. They’re mainly used to grow plants with therapeutic properties like pain relief, inflammation, and seizure control.

Unlike THC-dominant strains, CBD seeds require longer dark periods to grow, prefer higher nitrogen levels, and need slightly cooler temperatures during flowering.

Despite lacking psychoactive effects, CBD types of marijuana seeds still encounter legal challenges in many regions, similar to their THC-rich cousins. That’s why it’s important to check local laws, regardless of the type of seed you intend to grow.

Understanding the Sex of Cannabis Seeds: Male vs. Female

Cannabis seeds and plants have a gender that plays a vital role in their cultivation. Female plants produce buds, while male plants produce pollen.

Male vs female weed seeds physical characteristics:

Characteristic Male plants  Female plants
HeightTall Shorter than males
FlowersPollen sacs, green-yellow flowersTranslucent hairs, white, yellow or pink flowers

For the highest-quality weed and rich harvests, you want female plants because they produce the ever-desired buds.

But how can you determine whether a marijuana plant seed will develop into a female or male?

The hard truth is that you can’t.

Luckily, once they start developing into plants—you can.

Around five weeks post-germination, females develop pistils (small, translucent hairs), and males form pollen sacs (small clusters of white flowers). 

Choosing the Right Cannabis Seed

Besides distinct traits and cultivation preferences of different types of weed seeds, it’s essential to consider several other factors, too. These include the space for growing, the flavor profile, and legal considerations regarding cultivation and possession in your area.

Three key tips for sourcing quality types of cannabis seeds:

  1. Buy directly from trusted providers with a proven track record of high-quality strains
  2. Ensure that the packaging is securely sealed and that it provides detailed information and instructions
  3. Choose seed providers with reliable customer support services

Where Can I Get Weed Seeds: Explore More from DNA Genetics

With so many options available, understanding the unique characteristics of various types of cannabis seeds is crucial. It helps you make the right decisions that lead to abundant, top-quality harvests.

Ready to make your right decision?

Explore premium cannabis seeds at DNA Genetics and tap into decades of tradition, trust, and success.


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